CQJP July Block

Monday, January 21, 2013

Playing and CQJPs

A few days ago, the icy lake surface was beginning to melt, and swirls of mist wrapped around Turtle Island.........
and seemed to make the far shore disappear now and then....

We've had rain, ice and snow since then, and today the cold is back. It was -24C!! when we awoke this morning. Brrrr! 

There's colder weather in the forecast.........
I played around a bit more with the lace......
placed on backgrounds of blank stencil plastic and watercolour paper, I sprayed with acrylic paint.....
the result looked great, I thought....
I've been wondering about cutting out some bits to create a stencil from this......
black marker was added to define the pattern......

almost finished with the marker.....

what now?
shall I paint it and attach it to a card?

 CQJP 2012 is in the process of being joined with sashing I've reclaimed from an old, lace patterned curtain.......it looks like filet lace.
I have to claim another strip between the second and third rows, and then I hope to have enough left with a zig-zag edge to place around the outside.                 Does it give the illusion of snow? I'm wondering about making some snowflakes to add to the area where the vertical and horizontal rows of sashing meet......

 CQJP 2012:         I added this braided rope made of three braids, one in each of the three colours of thread I've used on the block so far.......there are 18 strands
some delicate pink added to the earth tone buttonhole rings
pink French knots
and the block looks like this:       it's a bit bright, and the colours are a little washed out......sorry

I have this beautiful piece of dyed lace  to add.........I think it picks up the tones already in the block and the stitching. I haven't decided just where to place it.

What do you think?                     Hoping your day is filled with creativity!

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Inspirations January 15, 2013

I thought it was time to get out my paints and mixed media supplies since there are two very special Birthdays coming up.

I've been following Creative Jump Start- a series of videos by various artists to help JumpStart your creativity organized by Nat Kalbach. You might like to join up. It's free, and there's lots of great ideas!
 I've learned different ways to use techniques I already knew, but I've also learned lots of new stuff, too! It's fun seeing mixed media projects from a variety of artists. Creative Jump Start runs for the month.
Having been inspired by the daily videos, I thought I'd have some fun playing and making some birthday cards.
Here's the
sequin waste used as a resist with acrylic paints
once dry, I stamped over top the paint
adding colour with watercolour paints, w/c crayons, and markers
using black to pop the design

This card is going in the mail today
I had this piece of lace

I love the pattern, and wondered how it would look if I used it as a stencil with gesso
on the card and ready
gesso drying
adding acrylic paint once the gesso dried....the pattern seems too subtle
well, maybe some green stripes......
 blue acrylic and a heart pattern might help......
um, yucky!
drips don't help either.........hmmm......

it's really ugly, hunh?

should I toss it?.......maybe I'll just play and add some more........
let's try another layer of gesso through the lace.....

once it's dry to the touch, I added some marker to outline the design........
more marker
watercolour on top of the gesso.......
and more black for definition

This card is still drying...........but I like it!  There's lots and lots of texture from the gesso.........

it may need additional layers of water colours and black once it's completely dry

Hope you enjoyed my play day. I sure did!

May you have some fun doing something you enjoy, today, too.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beginnings and WIPs


Well, here's a pic of the 9 blocks I'll be using for my CQJP 2012 wall hanging. The Merry Christmas block will take center stage, but I haven't decided on placement for the rest, yet. I've been searching through my lace, and now it's time to get sashing!
 I've had some great suggestions from The Tuesday Stitchers about block placement, and I'll be switching them around to see what looks best.
While I was waiting for my material order to arrive, I began creating the memorial heart for Sandy Hook.

Once I've finished stitching the heart, I'll position it on the CQ block below so I'll know just where to embellish those block seams.

There's still lots of time to participate in the Memorial Quilt and Hearts for Sandy Hook. You can find all the information here

CQJP 2013                               Once my material came home from the mail box, I got busy, and I've created 8 of the 12 blocks for CQ2013. You can see it's quite a departure from the red/white/green of 2012!
I think this is my fave block so far........
cottons and silks, damasks, and velvet are just some of the fabrics I'm using........
Most are solids, but with lots of texture.

The idea is for lots of surface embellishment in the same palette as the fabrics with light pinks and greens thrown in for a little more interest.
Well, at least that's the plan right now.........heheheheh.......it could change

I'd love to read your thoughts on my 2013 palette, and my beginning........
 Two days ago the branches were laden with snow, which sparkled in the sunlight
Now, it's warming up for a January thaw, and the snow has been whooshing off the steel roof, and thundering as it cascades to the ground below.
I wonder how warm it will get.
I hope that wherever you are, you're safe, and warm, and the sun is shining.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz