CQJP July Block

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Madness

    Linda  sent me this wonderful collection of lace that belonged to her mother-in-law. Isn't it lovely?
I've taken apart the jabots to reveal the lace used, and some of the off-white lace will appear on my wrapping cloth piece #4.

I adore this collar! It's too dark for my wrapping cloth, but I'm sure some of this will be showing up on my CQJP blocks!

Thank you so much, Linda for sharing these pieces with me!

from   Carole      Brungar  in New Zealand came this delightful package of a pretty fabric, a baaaaadge (you know I had to! tee hee) and a yummy chocolate!

Thanks so much Carole!
going to the local second-hand shop was such fun, and I found these lace and fabric treasures just perfect for my wrapping cloth!

And what progress have I made on my wrapping cloth?
I added a bullion-wrapped puff with a tatted decoration, then added more bullion arms
 Bullions wrap along the right edge of this section. I added a lace pocket beneath the broderie anglais. The pocket lace was one of the pieces Linda sent me.
piece #4 is almost finished.....just two little edgings to add and then I'll begin piece #5!
My May CQJP block is almost completed, too!
I added some pale green vines

 and a beautiful hand-painted button by  Gerry  Krueger
I've been saving this button, waiting for the perfect spot!
a few garden shots taken on a sunny day....

Hope you're having some sunshine today, too!


Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring and Stitch

In the gardens, the perennials are coming to life with new green shoots popping through the warmed earth, and leaves unfurling in the sunshine.

 the trilliums are in flower

last year someone trespassed and picked most of the trilliums on the property. I was so upset! Some have reappeared this year, but they are much smaller, and fewer in number

 Pretty 'pink' daffodils

(don't look too closely at those little yellow flowers in the distance, okay?...lol)

 These yellow daffodils stood proud and tall

 until a rainstorm flattened them!

they are now recovering
 more white trilliums

I haven't seen any of the red ones......they were picked, too. I'll take a walkabout tomorrow and see if I can spot any.......

I've added a tatted single frill seam treatment in a variegated pink Watercolours thread and a small beaded row to my May block:

I like how the rose 'silky' has been framed.

There are just a few short seams left, and I'm thinking of adding some climbing roses to the trellis fabric......

 Work on piece #4 of my wrapping cloth continues:
I added more x-stitching, another multi-row tatted frilled edging, more buttonhole lace, and a pleated skirt in the wild fabric to cover a blank bit under the frill

 then I covered the buttonhole stitching with a beaded cascade of  Josephine knot flowers
I added buttonhole stitch to my flat knot, and created three little puffy dangles wearing buttonhole lace trim.

so far, piece #4

There's lots more embellishing to be added to this piece. What fun!

I hope you've had fun this week, too.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring and Stitching

Spring has sprung here, finally. Yay!
the tiny crocus are in full bloom, and now the daffodils are bursting forth
 the lake is free from all winter's ice, and has been warming up quickly in the lovely temperatures we've had
 the ducks and blue heron have returned to the bay (but they're too shy for photos yet)

 and turtle island once again has its reflection in the lake water
 down at the beach, the wood is piled for fires in the stone chimney, and the chairs are set in place
(hidden by the trees)
the view from the dock is enticing.......but the water needs to be warmer before there are bodies jumping in to cool off.........

These are the nicest days.....warm enough to work outside without coats, but not too hot...and Before Bugs! The best BB days, ever.....

 I've had lots of nice stitching time this week (hope you have, too) and  made some progress on my  CQJP block:

 this pretty butterfly welcomes May

this beautiful hairpin lace was created by Annet . I've been saving her pieces for something very special, and decided they would be lovely on my CQJP 2013 wall hanging.
Isn't it gorgeous?

a few French knots added below the lace trim

some buttonhole lace made with two different threads.......

and May looks very pretty

I added another cutwork circle and a bumpy bit to Piece #3 of my wrapping cloth.


Then some decorations for the large pocket

rows of edging, and here's a collage of piece # 3completed!

Piece #4 is a WIP
this is how it looked pinned together

I made a little puff, and added a skirt and some beads
and placed it

added some buttonhole lace, x-stitches and multiple tatted frilly rows to make a frilled edging

hmm, sorry the picture is looking blue here....it's really white

well, that's my stitching this week.

I love to get your feedback, so please do comment. Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz