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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas

Looking through the window.........Turtle Island rises above the ice..........


I've made a few tatted gifts and sent them on their way.........

little snowflakes to hang on the tree........

Our guests will be arriving soonfor our Christmas Gathering. We'll eat, and talk, open presents, and enjoy each others' company.  We shall walk in the outdoors, sing carols, play games, and admire the tree. Bird seed will be scattered on the ground for our feathered friends. 

However you celebrate the season, may you be blessed with the company of family and friends. May your gatherings be joyful, and filled with laughter and love. 
Thank you for being a part of my world in 2011. 
Blessings to you all!                                                                 See you in 2012!

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Boho Bag Beginnings

Gerry  Krueger of Older Rose blog and Block Talk with Gerry had a giveaway a little while ago, and I was so lucky to win.
Here's what I found inside the box she sent me:

ribbon-wrapped and what's that little round shape on her card?
 Wow! It's one of Gerry's fabulous hand-painted MOP buttons! Isn't it beautiful?

I love how the rose just glows!

beneath the wrapping was this roll of fabric.......

more roses.....perfect!
I love this pattern!

I opened it up to find all this!
  A wonderful assortment of delicious fabrics and trims!
here's a closer look

I love the ribbon with the beaded trim, the gimp, the ...well, everything.

Thank you so much Gerry!

Now, I'm heading back to Gerry's Boho bag tute. You can check it out here. I think I'll be sewing for a few days.......

Hope you're having a creative day.

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Hugs from Suz

Thursday, December 15, 2011

2012 Challenges

              2012 Challenges

Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge.

Well, I've really done it, now.  I signed up for TAST 2012! I've been enjoying CQing so much, but I needed to improve my embroidery skills. Buying an embroidery stitch bible gave me a reference, but I wasn't practicing my stitches. Participating in TAST  might be the impetus I need to get to work!

                                Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012.

Then I read about CQJP 2012. It sounded like a wonderful idea---to create a CQ block each month. I know I need that pressure to work harder, to learn more, and become a more skilled CQer. What better way?........so I joined...... gulp!

 I read a post on Stitchin Fingers from Debra who was organizing a smaller group of people doing 1 or both of the embroidery challenges.( There's even one brave soul adding the BJP 2012 as well!) Debra was hoping to have a study group who would support each other, encourage, and inspire. I jumped in! What was I thinking?! Well, I was thinking I needed all the help I could get, heheheh, and that accountability is a wonderful motivator.

Our group is called  Tuesday Stitchers.  You are welcome to bookmark our blog, become a follower, make comments and ask questions. I'm a relative beginner to CQing, but many of the ladies in this group are very experienced quilters and embroiderers. They have fabulous ideas, and I know you'll see some beautiful work!

I'm also on the list for several StitchMap courses in the New Year, so I'm looking forward to being very busy with needles and thread. I hope I can keep up!

Obviously, my focus for 2012 will be on stitching and CQing. I do hope I can post about my paintings, too. We'll see how I cope with the challenges.

Here's a pic my sister took last weekend of the bay. Isn't it a great shot?

It's been raining, and the four inches of snow have been washed away.
Now, I'm off to begin making the blocks for my quilt challenge.
Hope your day has some good challenges.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cards: Funky Tree

I've been making cards for Christmas. First, I prepared a mylar stencil of a Christmas Tree sketch. It's a little bit funky.

the mylar is placed over a card and the opening dampened

first some green

then some blue

the mylar removed to show the tree

the drips and splotches add to the effect

some dried cards

different color combinations

some look fat

some are colorful

some are just a little weird

The cards are ready for the next step..........

a little gold here and there

Once dry, I added some glitter glue, and more gold on the edge to make the cards look like this:

Now I have to send them on their way to family and friends.

It's fun to make my own cards

Hope you receive many wonderful cards this Christmas Season.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Block Came Home

Stacie and I agreed to do each other's block. My block came home!
I forgot to take a pic of my naked block before I mailed it out. silly me.
But here's what it looks like now:

Isn't it fabulous?!

The theme was creepy crawlies

Stacie created a garden setting with a water feature

delightful flowers

I love the hint of an arbor and the climbing roses that wind their way across the block top and down the sides

I love that spider!

a dragonfly, a beaded tree, and fabric flowers

lots of little plants, and critters skittering about

I even have a frog prince on a lily pad

Do you suppose if I kissed him, he'd turn into a real Prince?  lol

Stacie has added a  delightfully light touch to this CQ, and I loved how she included a water feature. Beads and thread waves carry my frog prince ever closer.......

Thank you so much Stacie. I so enjoyed our 1:1 CQ RR. It was a bit of a challenge for me, but I certainly LOVE my block!
Hope you're having a creative day.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Inspiration Sunday December 4, 2011

Last week I left off here:

I've made some progress, but it's been slow going.
It's week 1 of our choir Christmas concerts, so with a dress rehearsal, and three performances, I haven't had as much time to paint as I would like.

on the left is my reference photo

I added more of the background and a few more reflections

this is two hours' work

a closer look
 I made a correction to the reflection on the stopper ring, added more background, refined some lines

after another two hours, I've added more reflections, added highlights, and brightened certain areas

As you can see, there's still more work to do

I love the results so far. It's just taking a lot longer than I'd imagined.

Maybe I'll be finished next week?

 Here's my quirky bird, spotted in a hardware shop, and rescued to come home with me. Don't you just love that hat?

a shot of the bay after the snow

Turtle Island with a white covering. The snow is  melting, now, in the mild temperatures

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. I'm off  to get ready for our concert. La la la la
Thanks for visiting
Hugs from Suz