CQJP July Block

Friday, October 31, 2014


Here's what greeted the Trick-or-Treaters
As they came to my door.

They knocked and they'd shout
"The witches are out!"
Not knowing just what was in store.....

Above the loud sounds of blood-curdling screams.
Howling winds
and rain pitter-and-patter
I answered the door with a loud, scary roar

And they ran from the sound of my laughter!


Happy Hallowe'en!!

Thanks for visiting.

Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October Wanes

I finished my rendition of the StitchMAP turtle. I wanted to create a soft background that simulated water, without taking any focus from the turtle. I think the turtle's batik fabric married well with the blue and green thread. It was perfect for adding a bit of colour and dimension to the turtle and his shell.  Does it look as though he's breaching the waves to gulp a deep breath?

Black crystals (with blue and green tones) were added for his eyes.

The weather has switched to colder temperatures with more frosty nights, and rain for most of the last week. The trees are losing their colourful cloaks.
As October comes to an end, so too do the warm days of autumn. Even the oak leaves are mottled and coloured.

 I picked up Wrapping Cloth piece #12
I added a strip of lace on the right,  with drizzles poking through

More french knots down the center, and piece #12 will be finished!
 Stitching began on the newest Wedding Piece with a pretty venice lace floral and several rows of buttonhole lace
Stumpwork leaves in the works for the wedding piece. I'm not sure I like the variegated leaf. Perhaps an ecru leaf with pale green veins and edging might look better?  You can just see the fine wire peeking out the stem bottom......
This brilliant sky greeted me a few evenings ago. It looks as though it's on fire........
We've had at least three frosts in the last few weeks, Yet, this clematis is still blooming! Maybe it doesn't realize it's autumn?

That's it for this week.

I hope you've had a fun, creative week.

Hugs from Suz.

Thanks for visiting. Hugs from Suz

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Walk in The Park

It was a beautiful autumn day, and the colours were glorious. I walked out the back garden gate, and turned left onto the walking path behind our house, to the park. These are the sights I saw along the way. The photos tell their story.

Up the hill to the walking path, and back home . I hope you enjoyed the walk in the park.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz