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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

As January Ends

I took a wee break from Wedding Piece #2 to stitch November's HEX LABS choice (StitchMAP) of an owl. I had some difficulties using the heat and bond to secure the small felt pieces to the backing fabric. This led to some creative changes in how the owl was applied, and resulted in tatted toes rather than the satin stitched felt ones in the design, a different eye treatment, and a beak partially stitched leaving a portion of it raised. It adds to the dimensional look, I think.

Still, I'm pleased with the result, and it was a nice change from the beiges, white,  and pale tones of the Wedding Piece.
I've begun stitching on the right side, adding curlicue branches, french knots and doodles to the casalguidi right angle
 Still to come: bullions, stumpwork leaves, and woven picot leaves.

More stumpwork leaves in progress

The left side still needs a few more leaves and bead clusters

the big picture so far
Using card stock and two of my gelli plate prints, this card was created for a special lady. I like the way it turned out.

Hope you're having fun, creative days.

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Hugs from Suz

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

More Wedding Piece #2

Once upon a summer's night, two people declared their love and shared their wedding vows beneath a glowing super moon, surrounded by family and friends, all standing amid a beautiful winery. Pink roses flanked each row of grape vines, their soft scent perfuming the air. The grapes were not yet ripe, but glowed in the moonlight with the promise of a bountiful yield.
This is the scene I am trying to portray in Wedding Piece #2.

6 of the 7 leaves are shown with clusters of beads.......

5 leaves are stumpwork, 2 are applique

hmmm, do the beads look like grapes?

how about like this?

 Does this look like grape vines?

more branches and leaves may be needed
 but perhaps with fewer grape clusters, or ones that are not so evenly spaced...
the bigger picture

 I considered larger clusters of grapes
 perhaps it's a bit too heavy a look....

what do you think?
This is the super moon in the upper left corner. It was huge, bright, and had a golden ring around it

the moon shone down all night at the wedding

considering the placement

I think I need to make more stumpwork leaves

curlicues are in the plans, too

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Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Begins

Happy New Year!
Here's hoping that 2015 will prove to be a good, healthy, and creative-filled year for us all.

We had an ice storm a few days ago, and everything was coated and frozen. Had the sun come out to shine, there would have been lots of sparkle.

Iced cedars

It was a little slippery and crunchy when I went outside to feed the birds.

 I've made a little progress on Wedding Piece #2 over the last two busy weeks.........

 Hints of pale colours appear in the leaves, bullions and french knots.
Still lots more to do before this piece is completed.

I'd better get back to stitching!

Thanks for visiting.

Hugs from Suz