CQJP July Block

Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 29, 2012

I hope everyone has had a safe and Merry Christmastime!
We had a wonderful time with DS and DDIL even though I had a bad fall on the ice the Saturday before Christmas, and some things just didn't get done with the hydro outage. Still, being together is what it's all about, and enjoying and appreciating each other.
We've had more snow and everything looks like a winter wonderland as the flakes stick to the icy covering on the trees, twigs, and plants

It's been so cold, even these three sought the warmth of the indoors.......lol.........thankfully, they won't melt.....
the afternoon shadows grow long on the lake ice
Even our visitor, Mr. Milkers, got into the holiday spirit
my December CQJP 2012 block is complete

I added a dorset button, and some simple seam stitching in red
here are all the blocks, in no particular order.....

I'd thought they might look too busy all together, but they don't look too bad here, it seems.......What do you think?

I've chosen 9 of my faves to make a wall hanging, (12 is too big) and think a white lacy sashing between the blocks would add a snowy look. Then, perhaps, some white tatted snowflakes to sprinkle around .........
I'll post pics when/if it's finished

plans are underway for CQJP2013.............
Jewel's block is still in the works, and I hope to complete it soon.
TAST was missed due to my fall, and I'll pop in and out of TAST 2013 and fill up my fabric stitching book.
Thank you all for the last year of visiting and taking the time to leave such wonderfully supportive comments. Your comments make my day and are most appreciated.
                                            Wishing everyone a very
                          HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
May you travel safely, and share happy times together.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Memorial Quilt and Hearts

                                                                      Memorial Quilt and Hearts
the graphics fairy.com

I wasn't planning to post again before Christmas, but I did want to share this:
I received a group email from Crazy Quilt Embellisher's about a memorial project  being organized. I signed up to participate.
What's it all about?

"This project is to be a tribute to those people who lost their lives in the unspeakable shooting tragedy in Sandy Hook, CT in December, 2012." Participants " will choose to create either (or both) a diamond shaped block or a heart in memory of a victim. The diamonds will be pieced into a quilt to be donated to the Sandy Hook, CT government as a tribute and memorial for the victims. More specific details on the exact agency will be published at a later date. Others may choose to make a completed heart that will be donated in memory to each of the families of the victims."

I wanted to share this information.
If you would like to be a part of this project, please email me at susancuss(at)yahoo(dot)com and I shall send your info and email address to the project co-ordinator.
or you can read all about it here:
Blessings to all.
from the Graphics Fairy.com

Hugs from Suz

Monday, December 17, 2012

Getting Ready

After our Christmas Choir Concerts were finished, I started decorating the house for Christmas. Our tree:
DH spied this critter crossing the ice-covered lake

Mr Fox turned back when he reached the center, and found it wasn't as solid as he'd hoped
I've been wanting to make Dorset Buttons for a while, and thought this one would adorn my December CQJP block...........but I made it too big
I tried a smaller one.............I wonder if it will fit my Jewel Block?

TAST this week is the berry stitch.......sort of a double lazy daisy........some here
and here......
and here......
white stars and snowflakes.......
and December's block looks almost finished
Family is arriving soon for the holidays, so I might not be back until after Christmas............there's baking to do, and presents to wrap...........

Wishing everyone a Blessed, Merry Christmas!

May you enjoy happy times with friends and family.

Safe travels for all journeying this Holiday Season.

Special prayers for everyone affected by the horror in the U.S. Too many lives cut short. So many  grieving.

Hugs from Suz

Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 7, 2012

Yesterday there was a layer of ice on the lake, and a rainbow.
Here's a close up. You can see the rainbow colours on the ice ripples

For TAST, I created a little bouquet.....

and added two cast on petal flowers

white 'pearls' on polka dots
and silver beads on the snowflake ribbon add some texture and bling
 That's all on the December block so far
 This morning it's grey and snowing
everything wears a dusting of white

so far we've had about an inch of snow

 I'll be busy and away much of the time this weekend as we have our choir Christmas Concerts.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Sunday, December 2, 2012

This Week: Tatting, CQJP, TAST, and more........

Happy December!
Here's my naked December block:

That cool red ribbon with the sparkles and the snowflakes is from Debra.

Thanks Debra! I love the diagonal line the ribbon creates on this block (and it very nicely covers up a jumble of seams ;-D)

I think I shall be adding lots of snowflakes, and maybe a little silver......

I did my TAST stitch on my Jewel block

some arrowhead stitches along a seam trim

interlaced arrowhead variation on a second seam trim where I also added a selection of french knots and some lazy daisy stitches

the seam now looks like this

more embellishing added to Jewel's block:

seed beads added to an off-white organic tat

another JK cluster

a small spray of silk ribbon flowers with bead centers

lace flowers with lazy daisy leaves

tatted seams

a wee lace flower

My Jewel Block now looks like this:
I've begun to add some beads....Jewel loves bling!
this is a wee fairy I've made for granddaughter Jewel, and will be sent to Australia with a Christmas card.

She adored my kitchen angel, and I promised to make her one.
fun fur for hair, lace wings, and heart trim
2 1/2" wide x 3" long
this little tat was supposed to be a star......
"Tatting Pattern and Designs" by Gun Blomquist and Elwy Persson
there were a couple of design elements I didn't like, and when I got to this point, I needed to add more thread
I rather liked the shape as it was
and decided to start the pattern again......

it morphed into this tree decoration first

the swarovski crystals add a nice sparkle, although it's difficult to see......
and my second attempt at the star was changed slightly with the addition of extra chains to both the top and bottom arms

sorry about the blurring on this scan

the center is filled with a circle of faux pearls matching those at each arm

I added a swarovski crystal drop to the bottom, too

it needs blocking, but I'm pleased with the result

There's been more stitching, but no pics yet

Hope you've had a wonderful week.
The weather has warmed up, the snow is gone, and the ice is receding on the lake
Maybe we'll have sunshine. Hope you do, too!
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz