CQJP July Block

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


This is the view at the front of my house.

The black-eyed susan vine has gone crazy, almost taking over the planter. I've added branches so it can grow upwards, and it looks as though just a wee bit more will have it tangling with the tree branches above!
Obviously, it likes this spot.

I've been doing some painting exercises in watercolour. Here, I'm using only three colours to create the lily painting.

Although there are certain things I like about this exercise, I am still too heavy-handed with the paint, and want a more spontaneous look.

So I began this painting of roses without a sketch, and again using only three colours. I like how they work together.

I'm enjoying painting this.

 Overall, I like the result, and plan to play some more in this manner, without sketching, and using a limited palette.

New thread supplies arrived. Yummy!

a tat and swarovski crystals added to PPP #5
TAST stitch # 51- buttonholed herringbone, another tat, cast-on loops in white, and bullions

this lace piece is adorned with sequins

PPP #5 is almost finished.

I hope your week has been a fun and creative one.

Thanks for visiting.

Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Halfway Through

It's the middle of August already, and we finally had some rain, so the temperatures have cooled, at least for a couple of days.
The gardens were wilting badly, but the rain has perked everything up. It's raining again today, which is good. ;-) 
These photos were taken before the rain:

hot colours for a hot, dry summer

yes, that's grass behind the sweet william........it's usually a deep green this time of the year

even though I've been watering regularly, the golden glow is still wilted

and the echinacea look very sad
 This lily was the only plant of 18 that survived the squirrel/chip-munk attacks, even though I used wire caging.  Once they popped through the ground, their heads were all eaten! grrrr    I'll have to have another ponder.........
 I took this photo after the first rain

a few days later there were more blooms

isn't it pretty?

I finished PPP #4:

A crystal and silver butterfly has flown to a bullion seam treatment

the finished block

I'm leaving the top section plain, at least until it's joined to the next block.

PPP #5

the fabric card for my sister is underway

auditioning fabrics and trims
these are tags I made for another fabric card

one of the finished pieces for the wrapping cloth had beads added to the flower lace

all the pieces have their buttonhole edging

This is the lay-out for the wrapping cloth. See those openings here and there? I have 2 other finished pieces that I may cut up and fit into the bare spots.........
The size as shown measures 49 1/2" by 51 1/4". I think that's large enough.  Now to finish joining all the pieces together!
I hope your week has been a creative one!
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August Begins

Happy August! I hope this month brings us more rain and cooler temperatures. Sorry I missed last week's posting, but I was having technical difficulties with our internet and had to wait a day for the technician to arrive.
On those too-hot-to-garden days, I hid indoors and played with thread and paint.

These are repeats of former paintings that I'm doing for practice. Some of the originals were done in a rush on location, so this time I'm considering and painting slowly, trying to improve on the result.

I liked the bold yellow in this exercise, but felt that perhaps the painting could be a little softer.......that might allow for a gentler foreground.

So then I began another in softer tones. I stopped at this point to let the paint dry. I may continue just to see the difference a softer beginning can bring to the final result.

Then I began this rendition of an old painting.  Sorry I forgot to take more photos, but I was in painting mode.....

This one turned out much nicer, brighter, and fresher than the original, so I'm quite pleased with it.

I might punch up the foreground flowers a little with some added definition. Maybe.

I've been spending most of my stitching time on the wrapping cloth, adding a buttonhole stitch edging to each piece, then joining the pieces together, also with buttonhole stitch.

the right side

another piece to add

the left side


draped over the loveseat

there are edged pieces awaiting their placement

the free-form tat is getting another addition, but this is how it looked before I added another row, more beads and picot rings

How the tat looks now. Sorry it's a bit blurry. I think once the beaded picot rings are finished,  the motif will be complete. But, you never know. I may change my mind. lol

That's all the stitching so far. I'm working on another fabric card which I'll show when it's all done and mailed away. Here's how my desk looks:
The fabric card is for my sister, and she loves blue!

In the garden, there is a lovely crop of beans. I picked a few for supper.


Thanks for visiting.

Hugs from Suz