CQJP July Block

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amaryllis Bundle

My amaryllis bloomed: 4 lovely red flowers. Two were fading, and I plucked them from the plant.
My finger turned red, and I wondered........hmmm........maybe........why not?
 placed onto beige, brushed cotton

 adding white cotton

 folding over....oh, there's some colour already......a rich, blue-red
rolled up into a mini bundle

dampened and zipped into a bag
 day 2......wow!........colour!

gently unrolled
adding flower #3

the bundle has been rolled and zipped, and awaits flower #4

the next flower should be ready tomorrow

I wonder:
how much colour will 4 flowers create?
will it spread through all the fabric layers?
will the colour be permanent?
fade when washed?
be bleached by sunlight?
has anyone else done this?
The experiment continues.........

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Thursday, April 21, 2011

CQI Swap and Happy Easter!

I joined in a swap at Crazy Quilting International. We were to create a CQ piece, and then upload pics to the swap site. Then, each participant has the opportunity to vote for their favourite 3 items. Once the voting is complete, the swap boss assigns the swap partners.
Here's what I made:
 Assorted fabrics from my stash, some vintage

some black lace and heart trim

more lace and trim

vintage red rick-rack and some dimensional fancy picot tatted flowers in red with bead centers. They don't show up very well against the fabrics.

 red bead ropes and decorative embroidery with Wildflowers varigated thread

the underside
 sized to my eyeglass case
 it fits! The cover is lined with red cotton.
3.5"x 7.75"

I sure hope the other participants like my CQ'd eyeglass case cover. Well, if not, I'd be happy to keep it for myself.

Wishing everyone a  Happy Easter Weekend. I hope you have the opportunity to share chocolate with family and friends.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tats 19/3/11

I've been tatting a little here and there. Since it's spring, what better than to tat a little garden for a gift card or ATC?
tatted with Yarnplayer's 'corsage' in size 50

I made a second pattern and a single flower, and attached them to some watercolour stained rice paper.

Next I'll add some greenery to my garden.

The final steps will be to adhere it to a card and add some gold.


If you'd like to tat your own fancy picot flowers, here's my pattern:
Fancy Picot Flowers                     by Susan Cuss

R= ring                                                        += j= join
CH= chain                                                   - = picot
ds= double stitch                                          --- = large picot
d= 1st half of a ds                                        s= 2nd half of a ds
cl R= close ring

R= 1ds(---2d,---2s)x12 cl R
CH1= 1ds (4d,4s)x4- 1ds
CH2= 1ds, 21s- 8s- 5s
CH3= 1ds, 7s+ (j to last – CH2) 10s+ ( j to 1st – CH2) 27s+ (j to – CH1)
CH4= 1ds (4d,4s)x4, 2ds
CH5= 5ds

CHa= 1ds,(6d,6s)x4- 1ds
CHb= 1ds, 24s- 9s- 6s
CHc= 1ds, 8s+ (j to last – CHb) 12s+ (j to 1st – CHb) 31s+(j to – CHa)
CHd= 1ds (6d,6s)x4
R= 1ds-1ds(---2d,---2s)x12 cl R
CH= 1ds(---2d,---2s)x24+ (j to – last R)

Cut and tie, using ends to attach to card or fabric

The size of the large picots determines the length of the flower petals.
If you have any questions about my pattern, please do ask.
Happy tatting.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Inspiration April 17

I've misplaced the last Sunday Inspiration painting. The art room has been painted but is now a spare bedroom, so my supplies are hidden here and there throughout the house. Why? Well, DH and I decided it was time to move closer to our families, so our home is now up for sale. gulp.
I chose one card, as I decided to use a smaller format and create a painted card.
card: do a painting in acrylics using saturated, bold colours
I marked a border in pencil around the card perimeter, and followed the lines:
with titanium white

I added dots of red oxide and quinacridone gold
globs of irridescent gold deep
 spritzed with water
 smushed and dragged with a palette knife
 two drops of liquid sap green watercolour were added
the bottom painting was created by laying a piece of watercolour-stained rice paper onto the card, then removing

both are now drying.

I wonder what they'll look like then.

Next Sunday is Easter Sunday, so I'll not be posting.
The challenge for Sunday May 1st?
card 1:-do a painting using only geometric shapes
card 2:-coat the paper with irridescent acrylic added to white gesso, keeping this layer thin. Paint with transparent watercolour over the gesso.

Hope you're having a creative Sunday.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Friday, April 15, 2011

Being Spoiled

I've been spoiled!  Mind you, I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm quite willing to be spoiled at any time, by anyone!
Who's been spoiling me?
 Bubble wrapped and with a collaged tag

First, Sue of Heloise picked me as a giveaway winner and sent me this sweet brooch!
It has a variety of fabrics festooned with stitches and beads. With bright spring colours, it shall grace my navy blue spring coat and look spiffy!
Thank you, Sue!

Next, an unexpected package appeared in my mail box.
 big and fat
 with a lovely tag
from across the ocean

 from Dorthe!
what a cute little angel!
her dress is the same colour as my kitchen walls. How perfect!

she reclines on a pile of vintage hankies with beautifully tatted edging!


a huge tatted doily 20" across!!
I marvel at the many hours of work  and the skill that went into creating this piece. Fleur de lis dance around a flower center.
 two more tatted doilies !!
 Oh, my! How spoiled am I?!
Thank you so much, Dorthe, for these beautiful gifts. You can spoil me anytime!
My Dorthe Angel hangs on the fridge, and every time I see her, I smile!

What a blessing to have made wonderful and generous friends through the world of blogging!

Here's hoping you've been spoiled, too!

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hearts and Hands for Sendai

I finished my quilt square for Hearts and Hands for Sendai.
A dragonfly for friendship, hearts touching other hearts for the caring and love shown by strangers, and how one heart reaching out can touch many,  flowers for the promise of new beginnings.
Although I began with the idea of a CQ square, I ended up with more of an embellished, layered and applique'd square.
I shall mail it off as soon as the driveway is useable, as right now it is soft and muddy until the frost is out.

I hope you've been having a creative day.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz