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Friday, April 15, 2011

Being Spoiled

I've been spoiled!  Mind you, I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm quite willing to be spoiled at any time, by anyone!
Who's been spoiling me?
 Bubble wrapped and with a collaged tag

First, Sue of Heloise picked me as a giveaway winner and sent me this sweet brooch!
It has a variety of fabrics festooned with stitches and beads. With bright spring colours, it shall grace my navy blue spring coat and look spiffy!
Thank you, Sue!

Next, an unexpected package appeared in my mail box.
 big and fat
 with a lovely tag
from across the ocean

 from Dorthe!
what a cute little angel!
her dress is the same colour as my kitchen walls. How perfect!

she reclines on a pile of vintage hankies with beautifully tatted edging!


a huge tatted doily 20" across!!
I marvel at the many hours of work  and the skill that went into creating this piece. Fleur de lis dance around a flower center.
 two more tatted doilies !!
 Oh, my! How spoiled am I?!
Thank you so much, Dorthe, for these beautiful gifts. You can spoil me anytime!
My Dorthe Angel hangs on the fridge, and every time I see her, I smile!

What a blessing to have made wonderful and generous friends through the world of blogging!

Here's hoping you've been spoiled, too!

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Dearest Suz-the one being spoiled was me-from all the very beautiful things I won from you- --just wanted to thank you for the generous giveaway, you even send me twice-because the first never landed .-I`m happy you can use this little thankyou- dear friend.

  2. That's quite a treasure trove of tatting! Those doilies are amazing, and the handkerchiefs are colorful. They have found a perfect home!

  3. I have - lucky me. And lucky you too! You are the Queen of Tat!

  4. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. Hope you all have a great weekend! Hugs

  5. Dear Suz
    You have indeed been spoilt but you are so truely deserving of these gorgeous gifts. Many a big heart out there thinking of you in blogland. Enjoy these precious things which were given from Sue and Dorthe thinking of you.
    Thanks for lovely comment Suz - you are such a sweet girl!
    Hugs, Suzy

  6. What a generous post!

    love your hearts & hands quilt square, too. Thanks for your kind comment;)

    Hey, youre melting!


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