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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Inspiration April 17

I've misplaced the last Sunday Inspiration painting. The art room has been painted but is now a spare bedroom, so my supplies are hidden here and there throughout the house. Why? Well, DH and I decided it was time to move closer to our families, so our home is now up for sale. gulp.
I chose one card, as I decided to use a smaller format and create a painted card.
card: do a painting in acrylics using saturated, bold colours
I marked a border in pencil around the card perimeter, and followed the lines:
with titanium white

I added dots of red oxide and quinacridone gold
globs of irridescent gold deep
 spritzed with water
 smushed and dragged with a palette knife
 two drops of liquid sap green watercolour were added
the bottom painting was created by laying a piece of watercolour-stained rice paper onto the card, then removing

both are now drying.

I wonder what they'll look like then.

Next Sunday is Easter Sunday, so I'll not be posting.
The challenge for Sunday May 1st?
card 1:-do a painting using only geometric shapes
card 2:-coat the paper with irridescent acrylic added to white gesso, keeping this layer thin. Paint with transparent watercolour over the gesso.

Hope you're having a creative Sunday.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Hey, two for the price of one! Brilliant idea!

  2. So interesting t watch the unfolding of an art-form that is like the planet Neptune to me - meaning an unknown universe, if the simile is unclear!

    I await the outcome!
    Fox : ))

  3. How much fun is this!! Like being a child again.
    Hugs, Diane

  4. Thanks, Janet. Sometimes the light bulb turns on! lol I'll probably make a second card from the rice paper dip. Have a great Sunday! Hugs
    Thanks, Fox! Actually, DH has said on more than one occasion that I and my work are way out there! Lost in space! Or is he saying that's where my art belongs? I never get that straight! haha

    I'm glad you find the process interesting. That's one of the things I enjoy---never knowing the outcome until it happens. It's fascinating.
    You're right, Diane! It's so much fun playing like this and seeing what develops! Hugs

  5. What a creative way to spend some time. The result will be beautiful I am sure but that aside it looks like pure fun! Thanks for sharing
    Love Linda

  6. Thanks, Linda, it is a lot of fun! Like Diane says-- being a kid and playing. What is amazing is how the same steps and same colours can produce so many different results. Hugs

    Karen, first I have to get through all the work involved. Then, maybe, I'll get a little excited about the possibilities. Have a good one! Hugs

  7. Dear Suz- I almost never playes with paint, like this, it must be so exiting to see what comes up, and where it brings you--if it stayes like that or if it just the first step....
    in a role-
    Hugs, Dorthe

  8. Suz that postcard is amazing what you did to it to achieve the wonderful outcome...all I can say This is such a clever and creative card.

  9. Ah, Dorthe, it's so much fun to play with the paint, and I'm sure you'd have quite a lot of fun and put your own spin on painting. It's freeing. I'd love to see what you'd create.

    Thanks Shirley for your lovely comment. It's amazing how it's different every time--I love that! A surprise painting. Hugs

  10. Let us wait and see how it looks..

  11. Yes, Deepa, sometimes it changes quite a bit once it dries. I'll post pics May 1 (if I remember) of the dried paintings. Hugs

  12. Lots of lovely fun, I love squelching paint about ;)


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