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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tats 19/3/11

I've been tatting a little here and there. Since it's spring, what better than to tat a little garden for a gift card or ATC?
tatted with Yarnplayer's 'corsage' in size 50

I made a second pattern and a single flower, and attached them to some watercolour stained rice paper.

Next I'll add some greenery to my garden.

The final steps will be to adhere it to a card and add some gold.


If you'd like to tat your own fancy picot flowers, here's my pattern:
Fancy Picot Flowers                     by Susan Cuss

R= ring                                                        += j= join
CH= chain                                                   - = picot
ds= double stitch                                          --- = large picot
d= 1st half of a ds                                        s= 2nd half of a ds
cl R= close ring

R= 1ds(---2d,---2s)x12 cl R
CH1= 1ds (4d,4s)x4- 1ds
CH2= 1ds, 21s- 8s- 5s
CH3= 1ds, 7s+ (j to last – CH2) 10s+ ( j to 1st – CH2) 27s+ (j to – CH1)
CH4= 1ds (4d,4s)x4, 2ds
CH5= 5ds

CHa= 1ds,(6d,6s)x4- 1ds
CHb= 1ds, 24s- 9s- 6s
CHc= 1ds, 8s+ (j to last – CHb) 12s+ (j to 1st – CHb) 31s+(j to – CHa)
CHd= 1ds (6d,6s)x4
R= 1ds-1ds(---2d,---2s)x12 cl R
CH= 1ds(---2d,---2s)x24+ (j to – last R)

Cut and tie, using ends to attach to card or fabric

The size of the large picots determines the length of the flower petals.
If you have any questions about my pattern, please do ask.
Happy tatting.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. What a delightful picture! I wish I could tat! I have to say I haven't tried yet - too much to do in the garden at present plus some house renovation going on! But your book is safely put aside for a quiet rainy day....

  2. Thank you, Janet. It's so cold here, and my daffs are just poking through the ground, so I had to create my own garden.
    Once things settle down a bit, I'm sure you'll pick up the tatting and give it a shot. Let me know if you have any questions, k? Hugs

  3. Very pretty!!The card and the flowers go very well together.

  4. Suatats,
    Love it! Glad that both of us are able to find some of our stuff to still make a little of things, even if our lives are a bit crazy right now.

  5. oh!! very nice the flowers!

  6. That will be a beautiful card!

  7. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! Hope you have fun tatting! Hugs

  8. Thanks for sharing your pattern, Suz. It looks great.

  9. You are most welcome, Annet. I hope you have fun tatting it. Please let me know if you have any questions. Hugs

  10. You're at it again - your pretty blooms!

  11. A very beautiful card Suz, love your tatted flowers.

  12. I like the way you have made the flowers into a group as they grow in the garden, particularly the variegated thread.

  13. Thank you everybody! This is fun and fast to tat. Hope you're all having a creative day! Hugs

  14. Love your tatted flower garden. The flowers are so bright and cheery. The rice paper really adds the perfect backdrop. Lovely card. Happy tatting...

  15. Suz this is absolutely gorgeous - love the added background etc. it just got better and better! Beautiful!

  16. Thanks so much! Glad you like my tatted flowers. Now I'm waiting for real ones to grow in my garden. Hope for warm temperatures and sunshine, won't you? It'll be much nicer than the snow and freezing rain we're having today. arrrgh. Hugs


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