CQJP July Block

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Melting in July

There's a purple theme this week. First, a little tat in progress. I'm playing around with ideas, and making it up as I go along.

My friend is having a birthday this month. We've known each other since our children were small, and over the years we've volunteered together, and worked together. Now, we don't see each other very often, and we usually only send online greetings to one another. But, this year, I thought I'd do something a little different. I've been reminiscing about the good times and laughter we've shared, so I wanted to celebrate my friend on her special day.
She loves angels. And her mother used to dress her in purple when she was much, much younger, so I decided to work with both. (gee, I hope she still likes purple!)
It began with a paper card blank, punched.

I then auditioned laces, doilies, hankies, and some of the purple fabric I snow-dyed, creating layers. Tatted bits were auditioned also.

I then printed onto fabric some angels, plus a few angel quotes. This wee angel was on a postcard I received years ago.

Once I had decided on the lay-out, I stitched the fabrics together, adding embellishments.
You can't see, but there's a double pocket behind the purple hankie.
I wove some variegated, purple, silk ribbon through the openings on the hankie lace edging, then I added two lace flowers.

Purple foil was stitched onto this snow-dyed coarse fabric, then sandwiched with a lovely lace frame. I then added a tatted angel. A large star is surrounded by tiny bead 'stars', then a snow-dyed piece of ribbon was added as a border on three sides. Two different trims border the fourth side of this fabric page.

Here's how they look.
 The back page sports another angel quote, a lace angel, lace trim and tatting.
Before all the fabric pages were stitched together around each portion of the card, I laced through the punched openings with 2 pieces of shiny cord.  In purple, of course!

 And because I always sign my emails with Hugs from Suz, I just had to add that little metal tag onto the back page.
After tying, the cord ends were decorated with pretty dangles made with a selection of beads, a shell heart, swarovski crystals, and a shell sequin.

All stitched and blinged.
Happily the fabric card stands up on its own.

I then added a card I'd gelli-printed.
Lastly, I placed a wee tag into the hidden pocket. It has string dangles decorated with tiny purple heart buttons.

I mailed off the package, and I hope my friend is soon happily surprised!

Although the fabric book took me several days to complete, I also found a wee bit of time to stitch on the wrapping cloth. The last piece is finished, the edges bound with buttonhole stitch, and another completed piece added.

2 together

I only have 1 side to complete with the buttonhole edging, and then this third piece will be added to the above. Progress!

The crewel piece has been set aside while the hot and humid weather is here: I have to use a strong light and magnifier to see this clearly, and right now it's too hot to stitch under hot lights.

In the garden, the lillies are still blooming.

This is a pretty one!

The echinacea is in flower, too.

In the front yard, the black-eyed susan vine has gone a little crazy.

Here's the back side of the planter. Hmmmmm, maybe it likes the shady side better?
I hope you're having a fun and creative week.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In The Heat

It's been a little hot lately so I've been playing a bit with some painted papers, adding borders, shading, and defining edges to create cards. I even fussy-cut a sunflower!

The garden is still blooming:

hmmmm, some support is needed

I did make a tiny bit of progress on the wrapping cloth, and PPP #4, and I did a bit of tatting, too.

A bit of lace trim on the left, and the beginnings of a vine is all I accomplished on this piece.

I trimmed the flowers with gimp, and I've begun edging with buttonhole stitch. Next I'll begin adding the pieces together.

More Mary Konior's designs.

( Onionskins- top)

( Skipping Ropes)

MK's  Merry Wives
 Mary's Butterfly  (Maria Pop)

I made some changes on this one, but it doesn't look much like a butterfly, does it?
Neither does this one!  lol!
But I hope my sweet little granddaughter will like them anyway.
I hope you've had a fun and creative week.
Thanks for visiting.

Hugs from Suz

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Fun

There was a bit of painting going on:

Creating a background


adding some greens

more greens and some brown, red

dried, and a little dull, but a good background for what comes next. I hope....

playing with leaves on an old, ugly painting
practicing painted leaf imprints

a ghost print
Thinking about adding leaf prints to the background......

Some stitching was accomplished this week. I made more Purple Project pieces:

I began embellishing PPP #4

I tatted these Bud Fragments ( Mary Konior:  Tatting With Visual Patterns )

 a few photos from my gardens.......

I hope you had a wonderful and creative week.

Thanks for visiting.

Hugs from Suz