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Friday, July 9, 2010

Octo 2

Last night, I finished tatting Octopus#2!

This is more like the octopus I had pictured in my head...a little more substantial, more dimensional- at least the arms look a wee bit more realistic to  me. I think the shape of the head is better, too.

Here's the pattern:

R= ring    OR= onion ring   Ch= chain    ds= double stitch    
d= 1st half of ds    s= 2nd half of ds   +=j= join    clr= close ring    fp= false picot

R1= 1ds, (2d,2s)6- (2d,2s)6, 1ds  cl r
OR2= 1ds,(2d,2s)6- (2d,2s)6+ [ j to picot R1] (2d,2s)6- (2d,2s)6  clr
OR3= 1ds, (2d,2s)9+ [j to 1st picot OR2] (2d,2s)9- (2d,2s)9+ [j to 2nd picot OR2] (2d,2s)9, 1ds  clr
OR4= fp,1ds, (2d,2s)12- (2d,2s)12+ [j to picot OR3] (2d,2s)12- (2d,2s)12, 1ds  j to fp to close
OR5= 1ds, (-2d-2s)2, (2d,2s)15+ [j to 1st picot OR4] (2d,2s)40 +[j to 2nd picot OR4] (2d,2s)15, (-2d-2s)2, 1ds  clr
take the thread through the nearest picot of OR5 and knot. Then begin the arms.

Ch1= (2d,2s)- (2d,2s)25- (2d,2s)25- (2d,2s)5
Ch2 = (2d,2s)5+ (2d,2s)25+ (2d,2s)25+ (2d,2s) +
Ch2 travels back up Ch1, joining to each corresponding picot of Ch1, then joining into the same picot of OR5. Once knotted, the thread is then taken through the next closest picot of OR5  and knotted before beginning  the next arm. Repeat for all 8 arms.

Once OR2 was completed, I found it simpler to create the following ORs as though they were chains, rather than rings, as it made it much easier to fit the subsequent rings properly into the picots. I would make the chains up to each join, and, once joined, continue the chain until completed, and then tighten, joining to the base of OR1, or to the false picot created in OR4.
I created Ch2 in stages, pulling the chain section through the needle and joining into the appropriate picot, then continuing along the chain, tightening slightly as I went.
Knotting at the beginning of each arm helps to prevent stretching of the picots on OR5.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my pattern, or if you should find any errors. Thanks.
I am having problems with my connection due to the heavy rains, so I shall close, and share some garden pictures next time.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. I think this one is cute too. But who will he keep company with? He needs a play mate.. LOL!

  2. He is absolutely cute, well done!

  3. wow!!Apt one with the world cup fever going on. Heard about Paul the psychic octopus? :))
    Beautifully done!!


  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. :) I had heard of Paul,Deepa, but sort of after the fact. Glad you all like Octo 2. Hugs from Suz.

  5. What a cute octopus! I just found your blog - lots here for not blogging very long! Wonderful!

  6. Thanks Annet and Gina for your visit and your comments. Are you going to make an octopus of your own? If so, I'd love to see pics. Have a good day!

  7. If I knew how to tat, I would make this cute octopus!

  8. I love your tatting. I've always admired those that know how to do this kind of artwork. I can do a lot of crafty and artistic things but when it comes to weaving with a needle I'm all thumbs. LOL.

  9. How I admire tatting work! It's a mystery to me how you can create such intricate little fancies!

    So glad you signed up for Jillayne's swap! It's going to be heaps of fun!


  10. Thank you Thespa and Diane for your visit, and for taking the time to comment. I,too, look forward to Jillayne's swap. It could be that there just might be a little tatting involved,.....:)

  11. Just catching up with all your beautiful tatting Suz - the octopus are beautiful but I still like the seahorses more - have a soft spot for seahorses!


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