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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Inspiration Sunday October 30/2011

Happy Sunday!

Shirley and I had a great week together, sewing, knitting, tatting, stitching, and painting.

My Challenge
For any new followers, I am  creating a painting, hopefully each Sunday, following the Artist's Muse by Betsy Dillard Stroud. Each week I choose 1 or 2 cards from the three decks of cards included, and follow the instructions.
card 1:- Set up a still life. Paint it abstractly
card 2:- use a sgraffito technique: coat your paper with gesso. Lay down 5 layers of paint, scraping through in places to show the previous layer. After the final coat has dried, you can glaze the entire surface with transparent paint.

My inspiration

 The sketch
 adding gesso

1st color
quinacridone gold

I scraped some gessoed areas and lines to reveal the white beneath

2nd color
indian yellow

more scraping

3rd color

blended greens

I deepened the green in areas to add shaping, shadows and pattern, followed by more scraping

fourth color
mineral violet  to add more shadows and some darks

 final color
red  to shape the oranges and add more shadow

It's not really an abstract, nor realism either, but perhaps a little of both in a stylized way.
As the paper became rather delicate from all the scraping between layers, I added successive paint layers in limited areas.
This was a fun experiment, and I enjoyed painting over the gessoed doodles and runs on the paper, but it did take a long time to dry after each paint layer, in order to ensure scrapability without ripping.
The Next Challenge:
card 1:-coat your paper with gesso and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a second coat, creating texture effects. Dry, then choose a color scheme, and subject
card 2:- paint an analogous colr scheme using the colors between and including red and yellow. Add a complement to one of the colors as a surprise.

outside, the toadstools are popping up here and there

wishing you all a safe and
Happy Howlowe'en!!!
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. I just love your painting! It isn't abstract, but it's a lot different from the original.

  2. you are soooooooo clever!!! I ADORE your pencil drawing......and the whole process is amazing.

  3. Suz- your pencil drawing is wonderful, like you did nothing else that this for years-- and I am so taken in all the different layers you added- and the results, you had-after scraping -and repainting. Love your result.
    Hapopy halloween to you,too.

  4. I am still amazed at how you understand that book--and you do such a brilliant job in interpreting it.

  5. Interesting process - love the colours...
    Fox : )

  6. Thank you, Annet!

    Aww, gee, Karen, you say the sweetest things! It sure is fun following the instructions to find a little inspiration. Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

    Dorthe, I have been sketching for quite a while, though not as often as I should to have a 'good eye'. I can't draw as well as my friend Shirl, and she helped me on this sketch with my perspective. Thanks Shirl!

    Hi Doreen, and thanks for such a nice comment. Now, perhaps you didn't know that I've been painting for several years....so the terminology is not new to me. I must have at least 30 or 40 art books in my library (well, packed in boxes at present) and although I am mostly self-taught, I have taken several workshops.
    I think it would be difficult for someone new to art to follow this book and the exercises. You have my admiration for doing so!
    Perhaps, for me, it's the idea of playing with different techniques that is so attractive. Beginning with that premise sometimes leads to interesting results, and, as you've seen, some absolute uglies!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Thanks for the comments, Ladies. Hugs

  7. I think this is a fantastic painting Suz, I like how the different layers of paint and textures have created a great impression of the original still life. Love the colours too. You are a wonderful artist.

  8. That's a lovely thing to say, Shirley! Thank you. I have a lot of fun (and sometimes frustration!) trying to follow the cards. I always learn something, though, so it's a valuable exercise. Hope you're having a nice Monday.

  9. I just love watching the way you build up your paintings and the colours in this are so lovely and autumnal!

  10. Thank you so much, Janet. I was always interested in seeing a painting come together when an artist did a demo in a workshop, so I thought I would show the different steps on my inspiration journey. I'm so glad you enjoy it, too. I hadn't realized before that the colors I chose were autumnal ones.....guess I've been influenced by all the hallowe'en pics out there. Happy Howlowe'en!

  11. That's ambitious. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  12. Love all the different layers & skrithcy scrathy! & love the autumn colors ;)

  13. Thanks, Emma. It sure was fun to do!

  14. Is there anything that you don't do? You are amazing ;)

  15. Thanks for taking us through your process. It was very informative and I really like the outcome.

  16. Oh, there's plenty I don't do, Patty! There's a whole list of things I'd like to learn. I hope there's enough time.......
    Thanks for commenting.

  17. Thank you, Dolores, for your comment. I'm so glad you like to see the process, as I find it fascinating when I watch other artists creating, and seeing each step, and discovering later how it adds to the finished piece.
    Sometimes the outcome is not what I had in mind, but it always teaches me something.

  18. Setting up a painting day every Sunday is so neat! Think I should do that with my efforts to tat & practice every Sunday. Love all your pictures of the process & your final results. Fabulous choice of colours and thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting!

  19. Hi Jenny. I think posting about a weekly painting gives me the kick in the rear I need to keep on doing.. It's so easy to let things slide, but I know if I do, my skills slide, too. Thanks so much for commenting.

  20. I have got to check out the book you referred to! That is a great idea to get the creative juices flowing. Your results are really nice! Another one for the creative 'bucket list'.


  21. Hi Connie,
    It certainly has inspired and challenged me. I found my copy at Chapters/Indigo. It's not a new release, so I hope you're able to locate a copy. Hope you have fun!

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