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Monday, July 8, 2013

Moving Thursday

Thursday is the big day! We'll be leaving our beautiful home by the lake and moving to the city. There will be big changes, but DH and I are ready for new adventures.
I believe the gardens are very aware that we'll be moving, too: they put on a spectacular show of colour during the last week. I have never seen the gardens looking so lush and beautiful, with so many blooms.


On the stitching front. I've been working on my July Block. I added some tatting........

 some cast-on stitch flowers, with mauve french knots
and couched this shiny ribbon, added a lace strip with ribbon running across the top, plus some subtle stitching on the lace rose
Here's July so far..........

I've been adding lots of stitching to my wrapping cloth piece #7, too.
tatted JK cascades along the wild strip

rows of buttonhole lace on the side lace panel and on the organza ribbon on top
2 sizes of buttonhole lace and fk's
cast-on stitch chains along the wild strip

wrapping cloth piece #7 is almost finished!
Sorry the pic is so dark--it's been a cloudy, rainy day

just a couple more titivations and I'll be starting piece # 8!
I would have damp-stretched this, but my board is already packed. lol

I shall not be able to reply to all you lovely people who leave such pleasant and supportive comments here, as the computer will be unplugged sometime Tuesday.
I'm not sure just how long I'll be offline, but I do know I'll miss you!

May you find many enjoyable hours  to follow your muse and create while I'm away.
Good-bye lake, and turtle island. Good-bye gardens, beaver pond, and Rockman. Good-bye house, and quiet solitude in the bush. Hello city life!
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Beautiful flowers! I hope your move goes smoothly and that you're back soon!

  2. I can almost feel the celebration and good wishes flowing from the flowers in your garden. You must be very proud of them all.

    Lots of luck Suz, and have fun on this big upcoming adventure. The next chapter is bound to be fun!
    Fox : ))

  3. Good luck on your move! I remember too well how much work it is and don't envy you one bit. Be sure to take lots of breaks in the heat.

  4. Oh Suz! What a momentous time.So many emotions. So glad you are going to a more manageable property.It is sad to leave such a pretty garden, but a lovely way to remember it.I'll be thinking of you driving to your new home,.That all happened quite quickly didn't it!
    You'll have energy for all the unpacking.You'll have excitement to buoy you up.
    All the best Suz.

  5. Suz your new adventure will be wonderful. I believe you are ready to travel this journey. Your "former" gardens are showing you how thankful they are that you tended them so well for so long. I am loving your July CQ block and your #7 wrapping cloth. Thankfully you have your stitching to keep you grounded. Safe move and looking forward to hearing from you when you are settled in dear...

  6. what wonderful gardens you are leaving behind, at you have some beautiful photos to remind you of them best of luck with your move on thursday, trust you have a nice garden to go to and make as beautiful as this one. Once again you have shared 2 lovely piece of work with us, hope you will find stitching time whilst settling in, no internet access is tough but you will be so busy getting settled, enjoy the experience.

  7. Oh Suz, some how I missed the bit about movng from that lovely garden and area. I hope you enjoy city life,look forward to your next adventures,

  8. Good luck with your big move! I'm sure the will be times when you miss this place, but imagine all the new memories you will be creating!

  9. Hello Suz, I wish you well with your big move and lots of happiness in the big city... I will miss that beautiful Lake scene... Hugs Judy

  10. Maybe I'm too late, but best of luck with the move, and look forward to seeing you back online before too long.

  11. Dear Suz, I wish you all the very best in your new life in the city,-and hope there will be a tiny garden for you to enjoy there,too! or just some rosebusches...that is what I want for myself when we also move in some few years, -to the city!!
    Your tatting, and embroidery looks fantastic dear- and so does your garde,!!

  12. I hope that you enjoy the new challenges ahead in the city. So good that the garden has given you a beautiful send-off.

    Your stitching is beautiful.

  13. Love your stitching on the CQ block, the colors and the wandering of the threads. Really pretty blossoms, must be hard to leave all that behind, you worked so hard to create it! The city has different attractions. Good luck with the move, may nothing get broken.

  14. Your flowers have put on quite a show to wish you farewell. I can see that they've inspired your lovely stitching. Good luck with the move.

  15. Good luck with your move, I am sure the display your garden has given you and the inspiration the garden has given you. I hope you will have a small garden in the city and can take a few plants with you.

  16. Love,plans and happiness as you start the next exciting chapter of your life xxx

  17. I was totally unaware you were moving! I do understand that you were kind of isolated there, but it sure is a lovely place! This will be a big transition, but I assume you'll be closer to family, which is so important.

    I look forward to reading about your new adventure, and to admire more of your amazing and fabulous stitching and artwork! You have so much talent!

    Good luck with the move!

  18. The great goodbye huh? I hope all went well with your move, and this next adventure is as good as the last.... You will undoubtedly look back on these years as a marvellous time in your life. Best of luck!!!!

  19. beautiful images of your garden.....I hope the move went smoothly x

  20. Simply gorgeous pictures Suz. Hope your move went well and you are settling in.

  21. If my flowers looked like the ones you are leaving, I would have a very hard time leaving! Hope your move went smoothly and you enjoy your new adventure in the city. Blessings for you and yours.

  22. still unpacking boxes then I guess!!

  23. Wow -- it must have been a little tough to leave behind all those lovely flowers! Hope your move has gone smoothly and things are getting unpacked (at least your stitching stuff -- LOL)!!! :)

  24. It must have been so sad to leave your wonderful paradise, but this is your time to move. I will be looking forward to hearing from you again and seeing your photos of the new home. Best wishes and love for your move


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