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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mid-November & Going Missing

We awoke to snow Monday morning.
It's not our first snow of the season, but it isn't melting away.........
I like the branches with their snow frosting 

footprints left in the snow when I went outside to feed the birds

a little railing embellishment
 at the sidelight
 beside the front garden bed

it's a little early for me to decorate for Christmas. I don't usually begin until December has arrived, but, I had to get as much done as possible. Even all the Christmas shopping is done!

Hmmm, no wonder there hasn't been much else happening.......

I did add a few more glazes to the Georgian Bay painting

the sky isn't quite so blue now
and a few glazes have greyed the water a little.
The horizon needs softening, and lightening. More work is needed on the beach. Then I need to add the shadows of the tree.......
The painting has been put away to dry.

I then grabbed an artist canvas (16 x 20) and added a thick layer of gesso 

while it was wet, I drew in the gesso with the end of my paint brush

first a spiral
 then some petals

I have some egg shells drying for the next step.
what?  You'll have to wait and see..........

Not a lot of stitching has happened.
I did, however, get a start on the newest Wrapping Cloth piece. This is piece #12. Mmmm, wasn't the last piece #12??  (apparently, I can't count!  I went through the box of finished pieces, and this new piece is indeed #12.   ;-* )

Lots of french knots added to the hanky edging and the wee bow

bullion knots begun across the lace verticals

a few french knot tucks on this shiny, rose patterned fabric

and piece #12 looks like this. There's lots more stitching to be done.

Wedding Piece #2 sports a little progress:

a Josephine Knot Cascade Heart in progress

a start on the monogram
 Casalguidi stitch in progress

there will be one of these L's in each corner

a second ecru stumpwork leaf begun

I enjoyed a stumpwork class this past Saturday, but all the stitching was bits and pieces here and there on the project. Perhaps I'll have some time to work on it while I'm gone missing. Missing? Yes, I shall be absent for a time while I'm recuperating from surgery. Tomorrow (Wednesday, November 19)  I'm scheduled for a left Oxford Knee Replacement. Hoo boy. I'm not certain how long I'll be offline, but, I wish you all wonderful, creative, and happy days until my return. Take care.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Good luck on the knee surgery. Now I am 18 months down the track from mine I can walk so well. I did a huge amount of hand sewing in the first few weeks.

  2. All good wishes that the surgery goes well and is successful, Suz. You take care too!

  3. Thinkinking of you today sue, best wishes for your recovery. Looking forward hearing you are well and walking without pain very soon
    Xoxoxoxo coming across the miles

  4. well today you are having your op, all the best and hope you will soon be back on your feet and free from pain with your knee. You will have lots of time for stitching and painting as you will have to keep off those feet, can picture you doing your josephine knots the heart is going to look so wonderful and well all you do is lovely. Mind you don`t slip on that snow whilst on your crutches, thinking of you and wishing a speedy recovery

  5. Oh hope by the time you read this, you are recovering:) and doing well. All the items about are incredible and makes me feel like I need to get to work!
    Take care and hug from Carollyn

  6. Phew, you've been busy. Wishing you a speedy recovery from your knee op!

  7. Oh Suz, and you said you have not done much other than christmas shopping -lol, I can see a lot more done here,- you have had your hands on so many different things, and I hope to see them finished in time. Love the wedding piece so much !
    Dorthe xox

  8. I hope your knee op goes well and you are home and back on blogger soon,
    We heard about the snow in amercia, a bit early hope it goes as quick as it came.
    Take care and good luck

  9. I hope you have a speedy recovery, take care!

  10. Visiting you is always a feast for the eyes with all the varied projects you have on the go. Hope your surgery went well and that your recovery is swift. Also hope you will be able to wield your needle while you're recovering. Take care of you!

  11. Wishing you well with your surgery. Oh my, that wedding piece is going to be stunning. Did you free hand the script? Love the heart!!!!

  12. Hope you had a successful surgery, and recuperating well.
    Superb pics and creative progress as always, in all your crafts !
    Love the little tips you offer ...
    Best wishes .

  13. All the Very Best for the knee replacement. You won't know yourself.After you heal, there will be no pain! I've had 2 done, and love my metal knees!
    Thinking of you.
    Judy xx

  14. I hope all went well with the surgery Susan. I'm thinking of you x

  15. Firstly, I do hope your surgery went well! A replacement is no laughing matter but I do know one can recover quite well from them and hope you are the poster girl for that!
    Secondly, the stitching you are doing here is amazing, just amazing. I love the monogramming, and the cascading Josephine knot - that is one I need to add to my repertoire. Are you stitching this on paper, by the way - it looks like so I am curious.... lovely, lovely work - and - I am intrigued with the gesso painting start... you have a lot on the go!

  16. We just got back from the beach and I am catching up with blogs. I do hope everything went well for you with the operation. I wish you a speedy recovery Suz. Perhaps a lot of stitching will be done in your down time. All the best xox


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