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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spring Shots and a Tatted Seahorse

Here is a  spring pic of the bay on Bradley Lake. I love how the sunshine hits the bog grasses and makes them glow!

Tatted Seahorse #2 ©     by Susan Cuss

R= ring
OR= onion ring
d=1st half of double stitch
j= join
mp=medium picot
sp=small picot
s= 2nd half of double stitch

Head and Backbone

R1= 5-5 CL R

OR= 13-1+7-7 ( j to picot of R1) CL R

C= 2d-[(2d,2s)x7-] x9- (2d,2s)x3+ (j to last picot of chain) this curls the tail end slightly

Curl tail upwards, and j to next picot working up the backbone

Backbone Texture

C= 2d x 14+ (j to next picot up the backbone) Repeat 2 more times

C= d (sp 2d) x14+ (j to next picot) Repeat 2 more times

C= d (mp 2d) x14+ (j to next picot) Repeat once more

C= d (sp 2d) x14+ (j to next picot) Repeat once more. Knot and trim to match picot length or hide ends as usual.

Jaw and Nostrils

Join at the picot on the OR at the base of the head.

C= 18+ (j to the bare picot on the OR)

C=39d. Cut and tie with either ends left short, or hide ends as preferred.

The Stomach option 1

Make a join in the second picot down the backbone from where the head and neck join.

C= (2d,2s)x30+ (j along the backbone 3 picots further)

This creates an open stomach. Cut and tie. Hide ends.

The Stomach option 2

This option will create the ‘ribs.’

C= [5x(2d,2s) -]x5, (2d,2s)x5+ (j along the backbone 3 picots further)

Switching to a sewing needle, sew the thread ends up into the backbone, out at the level of each of the stomach picots, joining to each, and back into the backbone for all 5 picots. Cut, tie, hide ends. Shape the seahorse as desired

Seahorse Variations

Have fun tatting!
The first day of spring I took this shot of a Luna Moth. It was the first time I'd seen one, and was amazed at its size of approximately 3" long and with a 4" wingspan. It was resting on the mat at the back door in the sunshine. So beautiful!
Thanks for visiting. Hugs from Suz


  1. Your tatting is whimsical and absolutely enchanting!
    Fox : )

  2. Oh, thank you Fox! *blushing* I'm so pleased you visited my blog.

  3. Absoluty amazing, fantastic, I like your motivs very much....
    Me from south of Sweden..

  4. hola, Isa. I am glad that you like my tattings. I checked out your blog and I am drooling over your jars of thread! You have lovely flowers, too. I'm so glad you visited.

  5. Oh How I wish I could tat! Yours is so beautiful.
    This Luna Moth is breathtaking. The color is so delicate. I have never seen one .

  6. Thank you Maggi, both for your visit and lovely comments. I was mesmerized by the moth, too, it's wings somewhat translucent. Mother Nature is the greatest artist, isn't she?


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