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Monday, December 27, 2010


Many of our ornaments are hand-made.

Some were made by the children when they were little, some are tatted, and some were made as gifts from friends.

 A Winter Wonderland

 Two tatting books received as Christmas gifts. O lucky me! I see tatting in the New Year!

We had an early celebration as DDIL had to work over the Christmas weekend. The tree is now down and all the decorations are packed away until next year.

Wishing everyone All the Best for the New Year!
May 2011 be filled with Joy and Happiness,
and may your Creativity Blossom.


Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suztats,
    Wow, your tree was lovely!You are lucky to have such wonderful decorations. I love the picture of the gang. Hay I think I saw my little house out back in your yard. LOL! You are so luckily to get such elegant books on tatting too.
    Yes, Happy New Year's to you & your family too!!!

  2. Wonderful tree and wonderful gifts! The books will be a great inspiration, enjoy!

  3. Lovely pics, the snow creates such wonderful views doesn't it.

    The tree is so pretty. How long is it up for? We usually leave ours till 5th January (12th night?) Every one has their own traditions: we didn't put up a proper tree this year as we have been visiting others: usually the visitors come here but this year I am having everything done for me which is lovely.

    Books for the new year is a great start. xxx

  4. Lovely photos Suz! How pretty is that snow!!And your tree!!All beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wonderful and evocative atmosphere captured in your lens...
    Fox : )

  6. Dear Suz, such a wonderfull tree,-I`m proud to se my tag on it.
    Hope you have lovely dayes, sweet. Hugs,Dorthe

  7. Thank you for the lovely comments. Our tree went up on the 15th and came down on the 26th. We usually have it up until New Years' Day, but we have some work to do to finish the house, and it was sort of in the way. I'm glad you liked the pictures of the snow. There's just something about the pristine white, and shadows over its sparkling surface..........Hoping you have Happy Holidays! Hugs

  8. Beautiful tree and lovely photos
    Happy New Year .....

  9. wow!! thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, It arrived today and there was me thinking christmas was over. I absolutely love it and words fail me. All I sent you was a scratty little catd so I am off to hang my head in shame...

  10. Karen, I am so glad it finally arrived! I'd been worried it'd somehow gotten lost. But hey, the card you sent me was so very cute! I've tucked it away with all my other cards to enjoy again next year. Hugs

  11. Thanks for your comment, great idea, will definately try it. I love your tree. I expect you can make more decorations for it with your books. Most of our snow went yesterday and it looks so drab now.

  12. Thanks Jill, and you're right---I shall be making more tatting decorations for my tree with my new books. We still have snow as it's been very cold, but it's supposed to warm up Saturday and rain, so perhaps it'll all be washed away. I hope we don't get ice. Hugs

  13. Lovely gifts Suz! Isn't it lovely when people give you a gift that speaks to what you love to do?
    All the best for the New Year to you as well - may it be joyful!

  14. Yes, it is, Jillayne. The books were from DS and DDIL, and they always choose wonderful, thoughtful gifts.I hope your New Year is filled with happiness and creativity. Hugs

  15. Hi Suz,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. What wonderful decorations, the photos are magical. Wishing you a very happy and peaceful 2011. Jules:)

  16. Hi Kasthurirajam. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a post. I think your swan is fantastic. Hugs

  17. A Happy Healthy and much tatting New Year to you Suz - love all the pics. Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a lovely comment - much appreciated.


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