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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Swap and Some Nice Surprises

I was in a swap with Thespa of Vintiquities Workshop. I sent her a small selection of tats (ooops, I forgot to take pictures) and she sent me this

Beautiful bracelet!  I do love that bling nestled between two fabric roses! And there's lovely lace, too. The rhinestone pin looks very vintage. It's nice having something new that has a history. I wonder how many ladies held this brooch in their hands. Who were they? Where did they live? What was their life like?
Thespa makes beautiful, creative items. I'm so glad we had this swap, Thespa! Thank you!

Then I found in my mailbox--- a package all the way from Bornholm! A lovely surprise from Dorthe! This sweet, talented lady sent me these:

lovely laces wrapped on a branch with a fancy tag. It has my initial in sparkles on it!  a postcard from Bornholm, and a beautiful mixed media fabric creation with a piece of tatting. How sweet is that!
I feel like Christmas has arrived a little early this year. Thank you so much, Dorthe!

I had lost my tatting needles....all but one! Arrrgh! I searched high and low, in all my current project totes, in my tatting boxes, and tatting bags, in drawers, and large totes. Two hours later, I still had only 1 needle.
I yelled, and swore, and stamped my feet!
The next day, I found them---- right where I thought they should have been, and where I'd looked at least three times!! Were there gremlins in my house? Needle gremlins?
I sighed with relief, and went back to tatting.
But 2 weeks later, I'd lost my needles again! I ripped the house apart looking for them. Boxes, drawers, desks. The art room, the sun room. Oh, no!
I found them two days later. I guess the needle gremlins had tired of their game and put them back. hehehe
Determined not to have to go through this another time, I ordered a new set from Georgia Seitz. Look what she sent with them:

two samples of Lizbeth thread. Yay! I've never tried Lizbeth before, so I am looking forward to testing it. Also included was a needle threader.
Thank you so much, Georgia! What a nice surprise.

Are you in any swaps? Or have you found a nice surprise in your mailbox?
I hope all your surprises are happy ones.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suz you have recived some wonderful things, the bracelet is so beautiful and Dorthe makes always some wonderful gifts, have a nice weekend.

  2. Suatats,
    Those are wonderful gifts to recive. Gee, I know now what to get you! Tatting needles on large chains so the gremlins can't hide your's so easy on you anymore. Maybe a log chain would work,,,LOL! Maybe if you asked Mrs. Snowman, she'd watch them for you! I hope that you have a wonderful day creating & enjoying your gifts!!!

  3. Thank you, Anni. Hope you have a great weekend, too! Hugs

  4. Hey Bsotf, that's a really great idea....maybe I should tat myself a long chain, then suspend my needles from it using jump rings, or split rings! I could wear it round my neck so I wouldn't (I hope) lose it. lol The second set I'd hide with my tatting threads. Hmmm, you have given me an idea.......thanks!

  5. Dear Suz,
    what a very beautifull bracelet-just my style- so gorgeus- thanks for showing my little gift, dearest-I`m far behind with that.....but it will be there some day :)
    Week-end hugs, Dorthe

  6. Thanks again, Dorthe, for the lovely surprises. I hope all is going well in your shop. Happy weekend. Hugs

  7. the only things in my mailbox are bills!! nothing anywhere near as lovely as these...

  8. Suz, wonderful goodies!!
    Yes, I'm doing a stocking swap! Great fun!

  9. Oh, Karen, that's a shame! I just give the bills to DH, then I get to keep all the good stuff!

  10. They are, Diane. Gee, a stocking swap sounds like fun. Hugs


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