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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Shirl's birthday was coming up.

I had to add a wee bit of tatting for some flowers. It adds a little dimension.

Happy Birthday, my friend!

Cards in the Mailbox

From Createology came this delicious card, as she was "squeezing every drop of summer sunshine" and sharing with some of her followers.  It's blank inside so I can use it, if I wish, but I may just frame it and hang it in my kitchen. It's so cheery and I love it!

This hand-painted card arrived from my good friend and fellow artist, Betty D. Betty creates beautiful watercolors and barns are a favorite subject. Thanks Betty!

From halfway around the world, I received this hand-painted card from Penny of a pelican she'd seen on her walks. As a lovely surprise, she included one of her cute little dolls as well as

a wonderful little cross-stitch kit. I'll have lots of fun with this!
Thanks, Penny for thinking of me!

I hope your day has nice surprises in it.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Great cards, I love the tatting on your card, brilliant way of using tatting.

  2. Hello Suz, Your card are sooooooooooooo very creative and beautiful and the tatting even makes them extra special. Lovely Lovely Lovely. Hugs Judy

  3. All the cards are lovely - I always think hand-made cards mean so much more when you receive them. The tatting on your card really sets it off beautifully. Lucky Shirl!

  4. Dear Suz, your flower card is so very beautiful- your friend will be thrilled to recieve it.
    And you got some sweet greetings in your mailbox.

  5. Thank you Margaret. Sometimes I do tatted edgings on the cards, too. Happy weekend.

    Thanks, Judy. I hope you're having a creative, fun, weekend.
    I agree with you, PuppetLady. In fact, stamped on the back of the card Createology sent me is: "When you care enough...you make it yourself!" That's just perfect, isn't it? Hope the sun is shining.
    Shirley loved the card, Dorthe. And, yes, there were lovely greetings for me.

  6. Suz your handmade card with the tatted flowers is lovely. You definitely care enough! Your gifts are special because you are special. Blissful weekend...

  7. the card you made is so pretty!

  8. Thanks so much for the nice comment and the lovely thoughts. It's been a good weekend so far, Createology, and this afternoon we're off to join some friends for tea and scrabble.
    Thanks so much Karen. Hope you're having a stitchy weekend.

  9. I love the old barn card - they are a special passion of mine. Adding tatting to your card is a great idea too - the dimension it gives looks great.

  10. Betty paints wonderful barns! She pulls them from her memory, and recreates them.
    Adding tatting to cards is fun. Thanks.

  11. Your watercolour card looks so good!! Make me wish I could paint too !!

  12. Thank you, Singtatter! So nice to hear from you. Hope all is well.


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