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Monday, March 26, 2012

In the Mail

Orsi  had a giveaway, and I won her gorgeous, hand-made 100% merino wool doll. I think it would be perfect for my granddaughter to play with when she comes to visit, hopefully this summer. Introducing, Kate:

She is so soft and huggable, I'm sure DGD will fall in love with her at first sight!

I love that big, blue heart!

In her note, Orsi included a beautiful tatted snowflake.
You'll probably see this appear on one of my CQJP 2012 Christmas blocks.
Isn't it pretty? I love the green beads she added.

Thank you so much, Orsi!

Also in the mail last week was this pretty purse from a stitchin fingers swap:

Made by Mona, it's very pretty, and has an unusual shape. It will expand to hold quite a lot, and I think it's the perfect size to become my tatting travel bag. It sure is more fashionable than what I've been using!
 There are two small pockets inside that will hold thread and a small pair of scissors.
Perfect colours for spring, don't you think?
I love it, Mona. Thank you.

The lake ice has now all melted. With the warm weather, it happened quite quickly, but I caught a few pics of the ice as it floated into the bay yesterday.

It looks very grey and cold with the ice floating on the surface.

I finished my TAST stitching for this week, and lesson 3 of my Chikan Embroidery. You can see my post on the Tuesday Stitchers here.
I hope you're enjoying a lovely day with sunshine.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Congratulations on your wonderful gifts dear Suz- a real huggable doll, and the beautiful bag.
    I hope you fully recovered your bronchitis ,and feels well again.

  2. Congratulations on your lovely gifts and the doll looks brilliant I wonder if you will pass her on.

    It looks quite cold but at least spring can't be far away with the ice melting.


  3. Thank you, Dorthe. Kate is a cutie! I'm feeling much better, now.

  4. Hi Margaret! I expect my granddaughter will be stealing Kate away. Thank goodness, yes, warmer weather is on the way!

  5. Wow, grats on the winning:) what a beautiful doll!!! Those are my favorite!

    Bronchitis is a B**** I hate it so much, I am trying very hard to catch,,, er, not catch it, if my lungs don't clear up by the end of this week I am headed to the doc myself. I hope you get to feeling better your self. Stay warm and drink hot tea, snuggle on the couch and enjoy some tatting :)

  6. Thanks Bree! I'm mostly all better, now, and I hope you stay healthy and bronchitis-free. It really knocked me around for 3 weeks, so not a fun time. Take care.

  7. Congrats! lovely gifts.I like snowflakes,you've got a pretty one.
    I wish I live in your place Susan.I've always lived in sunny area.

  8. Thank you, Anita. There are some days I would wish for warm and sunny all year, but I think I would miss the changing seasons we have. I am lucky to live in such a beautiful spot.

  9. Your gifts are lovely. Kate is beautiful and I adore her blue heart. That purse is stunning. What a wonderful use for it to carry your tatting supplies. Happy creating...

  10. Oh what a sight is that ice melting. Love your little Giveaway, and swap.So cute!!
    Hope you're feeling better...have missed you!!

  11. Createology, thank you! My tatting supplies have never looked so fashionable. Hope you're having sunshine....

  12. Judy, I've missed seeing what you've been creating, but now that I'm better, I'll be keeping up with my fave blogs.

  13. isn't ice beautiful? The patterns are amazing and I love your doll too!

  14. DH grabbed a chunk of the ice and the texture on it was amazing. Actually, it looked like a large piece of lace with tons of holes, and a ripply surface. I wished the sun was out that day as it would have made a fab picture with the light shining through the ice.
    My doll probably won't be mine anymore once my DGD gets her hands on it. lol
    Have a wonderful stitchy week.


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