CQJP July Block

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Waffling on my CQJP

I was trying to plan ahead on my CQJP, and decided to audition a few items to see if they pleased me. I began with week 1's work completed:


What shall I do next?

Then I tried out the following:

white lace under the sequin flowers?
I like the look, but maybe there's too much lace?

some red lace on the right?
It almost disappears......

maybe a button trail?
I liked picking up the metallic in the fabric on some of the buttons

or a white lace heart?
although it points to the gorgeous tatted heart, maybe it's too big, and there's too much contrast?

maybe some red buttons too?
I like the red in there, but perhaps it looks too jumbly?

and a shell heart?
If red is the colour, and hearts are everywhere, does a white one work?

okay, no lace heart

do you like those leaves?
I don't think I do......well, I like the leaves, just not there.......

but maybe the red beads on the red chain.....
they repeat the beads on the green fabric, ....

red heart beads following the red chain?

well, maybe that's a bit much........

I don't like the red heart buttons on the white lace......and not with the red heart beads......

what about the flat red beads on the white lace on the left?
Well, it does carry the white and red around the block..........and it repeats the red dots on the wine fabric.......

then I tried white and red lace on the upper left.............Too busy!

The whole block looks too busy.....
how about a strip of sparkly red cord along the velvet edge?

maybe those red heart buttons on the rick-rack.........I rather like them there,....but it's still too busy

maybe there's just too many options!

So, after a week, where am I?
Well, I'm right back where I started!

Maybe pre-planning my embellishments isn't the way to go

Maybe I should just add one element at a time, see if it works, and then add another?

I'll try that.

Well, it's two weeks later, and I've finished waffling..........
What do you think of my finished block?
Does it work?

Here's what I added:
a large button trail with snowflakes... gold stars with 2 types of gold thread on the black fabric......
satin stitch hearts with french knots on the top fabric.....
sequin flowers on a smaller white lace dotted with gold and red french knots...
red heart buttons to carry the eye from the buttons to the red rick-rack.......
silver rick-rack with green beads and thread running into the red rick-rack and back up to the buttons which carries one to the silver weaving on red horizontal bars on the top right seam........

red sparkly cord squiggling over the seams below Fox's fabulous tat to add a little movement, and repeat the 'lines' of the bullion knots on the right as well as the waves of the rick-rack...........
and on the right I added red tatted flowers with a bead center and more french knots......
here's a closer look at the flowers....

sorry it's not very clear......

My CQJP block for May is awaiting my attention.

Hope if you're stitching, you're having fun!

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. I had to laugh as your piece went through so many incarnations! I know how you feel! Fortunately, things usually settle in as they should and so did your block. Nice job!

  2. Suztats,
    It's beautiful piece of work! As always you put together an amazing breath taking CQ. Thankyou for sharing it with all of us. Hugs

  3. My goodness that process is so familiar. I end up with too many options and then have to decide,

    I love the finished block.

    Thanks for sharing your decision making.

  4. Your final creation is lovely. Hugs Judy

  5. Love the process - and it always is one in the creative lane, isn’t it. You are never finished ... till you are!

    Lovely work!
    Fox : )

  6. Reading this is precisely why I never audition anything - I would waffle myself into next year and never get anything done. I pick something, stitch it down, and then decide what to add next. There's no right or wrong - whatever ends up working.

  7. Thanks, Jenclair. I was a little worried there that I'd be waffling until Christmas! lol!

  8. Hey BSOTF, thank you. It worked out, thank goodness. I'll be checking out your blog later tonight........I've been stitching instead of hopping.... ;-O

  9. Thanks Dian. it was a long way getting there, wasn't it? I don't think I'll be planning ahead in future.....lol

  10. Thank you, Judy!

    I thought I might never get this one finished, Fox. No more pre-planning for me! lol!
    Hope you had a great weekend. i'll have to pop round and see what you've been tatting.

  11. Guess that's what happened to me here, Magpie. I just have done 1 thing at a time in the past, but I haven't CQ'd very much, so i thought I'd try a different process just to see if it worked for me. ......guess I found out! lol!

  12. My head is spinning ~ lol. This is precisely why we need our stash though. Your final is my favorite. Trust your instincts and just go with it. Planning is for the birds.

  13. That's music to my ears, Connie! Tweet!

  14. you certainly ended up with a great block, such fun reading all about your journey, thanks for being so entertaining

  15. What a long journey to make something, you had so many choices I thought at one stage what you were going to end up with, It's was a journey that ended well,

    I wonder what may will end up like?


  16. Thanks Margaret. I already have something in mind for May's block, but you'll have to wait to see what it is....heheheh

  17. I'm glad you enjoyed my waffling, Margaret. Sometimes it helps me to 'see' what does and doesn't work when I look at it on the computer. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe it's the distance from the actual block gives me a different perspective.

  18. Like all your hemming and hawing pictures and comments. Your finished piece with all of your embellishments and stitching looks terrific!!

  19. Thank you JennyPennyPoppy. I almost didn't post about my waffling, but now I'm happy I did. Must get round to see what you've been creating.


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