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Friday, January 14, 2011


There is something so exciting about beginning new projects. I suppose it's the possibilities of what may be created. Perhaps it's the options and myriad choices; gathering of supplies and dreaming of designs, or playing with one's stash and getting lost in thought. I could happily spend days searching and sorting through fabrics, threads and beads to discover the perfect combination. (still working on that part)
I'm addicted to the process, although not every beginning ends in a completed project.
Here are a couple new beginnings, with hopes they develop and grow, and become more than their origins:

 White piece
lots of patterns and a little bit of colour and texture
 two close-ups
there's a small tear in this hanky piece that I'll have to cover
'satin', lace and a bit of free-motion embroidery with a decorative thread

 warm tones and rusty bits fabric

I'll post pics as these projects progress.
Hope you have a wonderfully creative weekend.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Great beginnings, I see lots of possibilities! I'm looking forward to what you will do with them.

  2. Suz, love them--the white-the rusted, all things are possible here--wonder what you are doing with those beginnings, dear?

    Week-end hug-Dorthe

  3. Thanks Annet and Dorthe for stopping by! I'll be doing some work on the white piece this weekend. Hope you have time to create, too! Hugs

  4. I love beginning new projects too! There are so many possibilities! Lovely white fabric combinations, I especially love the lace.

  5. I'm in a color mode right now (trying to get this weeks collage finished!) but sometimes fall into all those whites, creams & hints of rust...lovely.

  6. Neutrals are soft on the eyes and easy to live with.Lovely textures here!
    Have fun transforming them.

  7. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Emma. I'm playing with colours in my painting and tatting, so I guess I need to rest my eyes on some calm now and then. Have a great weekend! Hugs from Suz

  8. You're right, Judy, and those neutrals are a nice change. I shall certainly have fun attempting the transformations. Hugs

  9. Suztats,
    Now what are you up to??? A great start will lead to an amazing finish! In the middle I'll keep watching! For it's a blast to see what you come up with next!

  10. Hi Suz,

    I thought I was a follower of yours and I discovered I am not so I have remedied that situation!
    I was taught to Tat by a friend many many years ago who was deaf. she was one of the sweetest ladys I have ever met. I tried a few times but never quite got the hang of it!
    I love your work here and now that I am an official follower I will be back more often!!
    I wanted to thank you for commenting on my little Love pillow!! Thank you!!

    Hugs and Smiles,


  11. Susan, beginnings are so full of promise, aren't they? I think that's the lure. I love that bit of lace, too. It came to me from a CQI member who shared some of her stash with me, and I think it's a piece of a wedding gown. It sits beside a piece of DD's Graduation dress. Thanks so much for your comment!

  12. Hi Bsotf! Nice to see you! I can't tell you what I'm up to, not because I want to keep it secret, but because I don't know, yet. lol hugs

  13. Your Love Pillow is just so cute, Susan, and I am so pleased to have you as a follower, as I'm a fan of yours! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Hugs

  14. Lovely selection of fabrics. Really curious what will come out of them!

  15. Thanks, Singtatter, I'm a little curious, too! Have a great weekend. Hugs

  16. love, love, love the white!!!

  17. but then I guess you would know I'd say that!!

  18. Susan,
    Are those ,'those hankies' you posted sometime back? Wow!!

  19. Gee, Karen, I don't know what you mean. guffaw!

  20. Hi Deepa! I did use one piece of a hanky in this beginning: the piece with the flower that overhangs the edge, but it was from a hanky found in the second-hand store. I haven't yet used the hankies my friend sent me. They're in my stash awaiting time and inspiration. But some may find their way onto another white CQ square. Hugs

  21. I love that rusty fabric! I am with you on beginnings - they are absolutely the best part of any project! I like what I am seeing here - fabric, patchwork, and loads of potential. It's going to be fun seeing how you prgress on this one...

  22. Thanks Jillayne! I'm hoping it'll be fun and turn out the way I envision......Hugs


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