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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiration Sunday

The subject for this week's painting is keys, and the second card directed me to create a circle, square, or rectangle in the centre of the watercolour paper, and surround the shape with abstract de--

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for an important announcement!
This is blog post 100!!!
Yippee!!    Hurray!!     Applause!!

Well that's how I feel about it. Wow! 100 posts!!
So I'd like to thank my faithful followers for being here, and offering such positive support and encouragement!  You guys are awesome!!! 

So, that must mean it's time for a giveaway!! Yes?        

What's up for grabs?

I have two copies of this book, so that means one copy is for the giveaway. And, of course, ya gotta have some tatting thread, too. A few samples, maybe a surprise or two!
Not a tatter? No problem! Maybe you'll win this:

 a nice little quirky fabric bag I sewed. Why is it quirky? Well, the handle is a little off centre..........

Of course, if you don't really like polka dots, you could always turn the bag inside out! for a quilted, and laced bag, with just a little topping  of polka-dots.
As you can see, the bag is just large enough to hold a small grapefruit.

Cute enough as a little holder for a Valentine's giftie, it comes with a few surprise contents that are sure to please a CQer or stitcher. And you can always fill the bag later with candy for your own Special Valentine.

If you'd like to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment. (current followers only, please) First number chosen has first choice. The draw closes at 10:00 p.m.(EST) Wednesday January 26. Best of luck!

I'll have DH pick the two winning numbers and I'll post the winners Thursday the 27th.

Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you so much!

Your reularly scheduled blog post Sunday Inspiration will return next week.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. 100! Wow!
    Please enter me for the Christmas book- I'm a tatter- that's why I follow your blog!

  2. Congratulations dear Suz-
    so great,for you.
    I`m not a tatter :)
    But love seing your beautifull work.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  3. Congrats Suz I would love the little quirky bag if I were lucky enough to be a winner.

  4. Congrats Suz! Have a wonderful day--this is so exciting!!!

  5. What fun, congratulations. I am not a tatter so I would love to opt for the quirky bag if by some miracle I won.

  6. Well, CONGRATS on your 100th! It is a milestone!

    Please do NOT enter me in the draw - I have that nifty book. But, I did want to stop by and say a hearty, "Well done"!
    ♥ Fox : )

  7. One Hundred posts is something to celebrate! Congratulations! I discovered that I wasn't a follower but I have been checking your blog regularly since I started following the tatting blogs. I already have that lovely book, so don't enter me in the drawing . . . but do keep on blogging!

  8. Thank you for the chance at a giveaway! And please put me down for the book. I'm a beginner tatter.

  9. Aw, only current followers? Not people who have you on their blogroll and read every post but don't really use the following function and hence haven't followed you? *puppy eyes*

    Anyway, congratulations! I always love looking at your handiwork, especially the cloth concoctions. So keep on posting!

  10. Hi Tatterjil, and thanks for commenting. Sorry, but since I have no way of knowing who's following by blog roll, and since I wanted to thank my visible Followers, who comment regularly, and offer encouragement and support, I'm sorry I can't include you, much as I would like to do.

    I have had secret giveaways for commenters before but if I don't know you're there

    and you don't comment,.........
    Glad you like my cloth concoctions. Hope to see you in future. Hugs

  11. Congratulations, Suz, on your 100th post! I'm not a tatter, but hey, I have been learning new crafts lately!

    Keep up your lovely blog!


  12. 100!!! well done! you don't look a day over 21!!


I love to read your comments!