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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tatting Tuesday

I began the next edging in "Tatting Patterns and Designs".  'Ingeborg' was tatted with a blue varigated DMC thread, size 80. This pattern can also be used as an insertion and is very easy and simple repeats of chains that are joined.
It appears quite delicate and pretty, but I thought it to be a little 'thin.'                  
                                                                                    Perhaps two rows together might look nice.             
                                                                            But joining them at the picots might lose that laciness.                                                                    
So I joined them with a double row of stitches
Yuck!     Too messy, and the joins are not even.  So, perhaps just joining the centre picots on the rows might have worked better.  So much for my idea.
The original pattern is cute, though, and it was easy to follow the directions. Now, to cut off that joining piece........
Happy Tatting.
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Hugs from Suz


  1. Wouldn't that look pretty around the neckline of a nightie?

  2. You're right, Diane, the pattern would look very pretty that way. Good idea. Hugs

  3. It reminds me of - ric-rac(? ). Isn't that a sewing something-or-other, hemming thingy I learned about from my mom? It is pretty!
    Fox : )

  4. Yes, it does, Fox. Wavy trim stuff. It's used a lot these days for CQ embellishments. Thanks. Hugs

  5. This looks very nice. It reminds me of the rickrack hairpin lace I made. Maybe you can use the same method I used for the double row of hairpin lace? I used this tutorial for it:

  6. Hey, thanks,Annet, I checked out that site, and their example looks great. I'm wondering, though, because this pattern undulates, whether it would work. I'll keep it in mind for joining straight pieces together as it has a nice appearance when completed. Hugs

  7. Thanks, Karen! I think I'll be making some in white for my white CQ. Hugs


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