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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspiration Sunday

Inspiration Sunday means a painting exercise. The cards chosen last week instructed me to:

card 1: - use matte medium, gesso or gel medium to texture the paper, and paint over this surface

card 2:- use at least 12 pigments then glaze over some or all with a transparent wash

I chose a piece of watercolour paper that had an unwanted wash on it, and applied gel medium to add texture. I was thinking of hills, a tree, and rocks. Not a wonderfully inspiring subject, I suppose.

Here's how the paper looked after the gel medium and a coating of gesso was applied:

Normally, I would use either oils or acrylics over gel medium, but most of my art supplies were packed away in preparation for painting my art room.
I had some crayons, and wondered if they would work on the medium.
Did they?

Ummm, no! Yech! Ugly!

Okay, cover it with gesso and wait for it to dry............

I found some acrylic paint, but no brushes, and no palette, so I 'stole' a watercolour brush, and mixed the paint on the paper while mostly dry- brushing.......

Well, it might be a little better, but dry-brushing the paint onto the paper and trying to blend it just wasn't working. The texture from the gel medium was hindering the painting rather than helping it.
Obviously, I hadn't thought this through very well before jumping in......(I tend to do that regularly, and then wonder why things aren't working....lol )
The next step? More gesso. I slopped it over the acrylics, and waited for it to dry......
Liquid acrylics to the rescue!  I decided real wasn't working, so I'd play with an abstract background. I used the following colours: titanium white, red oxide, quinacridone gold, phthalo green, sap green, green gold, iridescent antique gold, iridescent copper, iridescent gold deep, iridescent silver, interference red, burnt sienna, and payne's grey.
Okay, now what?
I decided to play some more.
I hadn't packed away my watercolour inks yet............
And doodled this design

Then added a touch of red

Although I should have put a wash over part of the paper, that would have made the inks run and disperse, so I opted not to do that step.
I learned that crayons don't work on gel medium, that I should plan ahead better, and that not having the  proper equipment means I'll probably just be making a mess instead of creating art. I also learned that having a big jar of gesso can be a good thing! haha
What do you think of the result?
Next week's challenge:
card 1: in the centre of watercolour paper, draw a circle, oval or rectangle and design borders around your shape with abstract patterns. Use contrasts.
card 2: do a painting about keys
Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. what or were are these cards from? sounds fun.It turned out pretty.

  2. At least you are learning as you go Suz which is ore than I did.
    I love how your painting turned out.

  3. Hi Denise. Glad you found the answer on an earlier post. It is fun when it's not frustrating, but most of all, it's a learning experience. Hugs

  4. Considering how ugly it looked at several stages, I am pleased and surprised it looks as good as it does, Doreen! But, as you say, I'm learning as I go, and that's a big part of the process. Hugs from Suz

  5. Thanks so much, Kasthurirajam! Hugs

  6. Suztats,
    I love it when you say you messed up, for to the rest of us that's when you do wonderful work! Yes, you are learning good things,but we get to see all the amazing things you do during that sametime. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep up the delightful work!!!

  7. Good to see the process moving on, I liked the 2nd picture and think you were very brave to go over it, I also like the final picture. Sometimes its great to experiment.

  8. That's such a nice thing to say, Bsotf! Glad you are enjoying. I am too, as this gives me the option to experiment, and play. Keep watching because I'll probably keep messing up! lol
    Hugs from Suz

  9. Jill, the Sunday Inspiration is all about experimenting, so I think beginning a painting with that attitude allows me the freedom to play and try things I might not usually try, just in case I 'ruin' the painting. But since I'm not out to create a 'masterpiece'(haha) I don't worry about the end result as much as the journey. Thanks so much for your comments! Hugs


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