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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Tats

The next pattern I chose to tat was the edging "Martha" from "Tatting Patterns and Designs" by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson. It's a pretty little edging, done in two rows.
 Tatted in DMC varigated blue, size 80.

I see that the first chain is a little too loose and I could improve a bit on my picots, but it looks quite delicate. Perfect for a pillowcase edging, don't you think?

It's tiny in this thread, and I think I shall tat with a larger guage next time as it's a bit difficult to see  clearly, especially at night. Old eyes. ha!

Have a great day!
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Hugs from Suz


  1. Dear Suz,
    I think it looks beautifull, and soo small it is,- I can understand the diffecultness about seing in evenings ! I have to have new glasses, but ---money,money :)
    Have a nice tuesday, dear.

  2. Thanks Dorthe! I have my new glasses, but I think I might need a magnifying glass to tat with this guage thread! Oh, well. Have a wonderful week! Hugs

  3. Hi Denise! I sent you an email about tatting. Thanks for your comment. Hugs

  4. That looks very delicate. I understand the old eye thing. Tatting looks quite taxing on the eyes - knitting is easier on them!

  5. get yourself a HUGE angle poise lamp for behind your chair. That's what i have, like landing lights at an airport in here!!
    and go on then....ask me a question for my FAQ's....

  6. So delicate and tiny!

  7. You're right, Janet, knitting is easier on the eyes. Guess if I want to tat, I'll have to use fatter thread. Hugs

  8. It is , Judy, and I can just picture a strip of this pattern on one of your beautiful hearts. Hugs

  9. Karen,that's a good idea, and I have one in my art room, but in the evening I sometimes like to keep DH company watching TV, but the light's too bright---it's like a runway on the screen! I'll send you some questions. Hugs

  10. Your little piece is divine! Congrats for winning the giveaway on Lisa's blog - all gorgeous! and thanks for always popping in and leaving such sweet comments on my blog too.
    To a sweet heart!

  11. Thanks Suzy! I'm looking forward to playing with the lovely stash! It's easy to write nice comments about your gorgeous creations--they blow me away! Hugs

  12. Oh, I don't know - maybe there is #200 you could play with.... : )) You are quite mad, woman, to be tatting in this size!
    Fox : )

  13. Well, Fox, I've tried size 100 thread, too, but when it tangles, or I have to tonk, well, the air does turn a little blue, and the dog and DH quickly leave the room. lol Hugs

  14. Wow, how amazing!!! You are so talented in so many ways--it is astounding!!

  15. Well, what a nice thing to say, Cindy! Thank you. I'm enjoying your "Whimsical Musings Magazine". Hugs


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