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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flower Power and a Fundraiser for Sendai

I was inspired by Jillayne's tutorial for ruched flowers, and these were the result:
 Not having large enough pieces of material to cut on the bias, I thought I would see what happened with just a piece cut along the grain.......

Though not as pretty or delicate as Jillayne's, I was fairly happy with the results

I used a beaded square for the center

Mine is a little wonky

  a smaller flower with a button center

a little better result

 my technique needs a little finessing

Here I made a layered flower, singeing the edges of each layer of organza.
I tatted a fancy picot flower center and popped in some tawny-coloured beads

Flower Trio

Another, smaller ruched flower added. Thanks Jillayne!

Many of you may have heard of a CQ International project to help the people of Japan with a fundraiser.  A small donation and a quilt square will go to raise funds. It's called Hearts and Hands for Sendai.
The information has been posted on several blogs, but if you are interested in learning more, you can read all about it here.
I'll be participating in this project. Won't you join me?

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suz your flowers are fabulous. The ruching really does add a lot of texture and depth. Love your tatted picot beaded center too. Prayers for Japan and all affected...

  2. Hi dear Suz,
    They are so lovely-your pink flowers.I just have to find time,to do one too, after Jillaynes pattern/explanation- it is such a beautifull flower.
    And I love your layered brownish colored flower,too- what a wonderfull buquet of flowers :)
    Big hugs,Dorthe

  3. Thanks Createology! It seems the more I made, the better they looked. Practice......Glad you liked my tatted bit: I do like to add tatting to my projects. Hugs

  4. Dear Dorthe, thanks for your lovely comments. The flowers are so much fun to make, and I know you'll add your own unique touch when you create some.
    I'm hoping at least 1 of the packages will show up soon. Hugs

  5. Your flowers look lovely Suz, well done! The project for Japan sounds really interesting and worthwile, but as I'm not a quilter, I don't think I can join in on this one. Good luck with your square, though.

  6. Thanks, Janet. I enjoyed playing with the fabrics to make the flowers. Now I have bundles of fabrics strewn about for the fundraising square! Yay! Have a good weekend. Hugs

  7. These are lovely, those little stamens you added or tatted are so sweet!

    As for your white piece below it is STUNNING! All that wonderful work ;) Love the 'spilling over' sketch too, just like my brain!

  8. Thank you Emma for your wonderful comments. I love getting feedback! It seems a lot of people feel the same way about the 'spilling over' sketch. I think that artists have so many ideas that there's no way to contain them! Hugs

  9. Masz swietny blog,zdecydowanie bede tu czesto zagladac,pozdrawiam


  10. Hello Dorota, and thank you for commenting, although I am unable to translate. Hugs


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