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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inspiration Sunday

The challenge this week seemed very difficult:
card 1:- choose an old painting that doesn't work, choose a subject unrelated to that painting, and paint over it using a medium of choice, using transparent and opaque paints

card 2:- combine themes, painting something that makes you blue, something that makes you green, and in between them, something that makes you laugh

I was having difficulty thinking up something that would include everything in the 2 cards. I thought, and thought,.....and then it was Sunday morning.  The storm overnight dropped another 9" !! of snow, to go with the other 9" we'd already received this week! That meant no painting, as I needed to shovel.
The satellite hook-up we use for the computer and phone wasn't working. sigh. Snow-covered. Rats.
So I shovelled, and painted a bit, shovelled, painted, repeated, then clambered to the satellite dishes to sweep away the snow.
Once I started painting, I decided that the cards had inspired me ( kinda the whole point, right?)  and I just went with the spirit.
The old painting:

 yuck! flat and ugly
 gel medium and white acrylic
 blue, and green, and something that makes me laugh in between? Well, quinacridone makes me smile.
I used transparent sap green and indigo watercolours, and the opaque titanium white acrylic
 scraping into the still-wet paint with a palette knife showed the colours from the underpainting

 See? I love this!
 the blue and gold were a little too dry, so the scraping was not as effective
 I added branches of indigo, green and gold to complete this challenge

I like the colours from the underpainting peeking through and looking almost like ghost branches in the background.

Next challenge:
card 1:-picking a colour scheme, enhance your painting with acrylic ink
card 2:- paint glass in an intriguing way

Hope you've been having a creative weekend.
I'm off to clear the snow from  the truck, walk Cody-dog, and probably do some more shovelling.

Thanks for visiting
Hugs from Suz


  1. Wow, is that gorgeous! I learned something new, too. It never occurred to me that a painting could be repurposed like that.

    By the way, I can't believe you don't know how to crochet. It seems like you know how to do everything!

  2. Thanks Steph! It took me a while to learn about repurposing paintings, too. I can't tell you how many I've thrown out over the years! Sheesh!
    Well, thanks for the thought, but, really, there's tons of stuff I don't know how to do! Hugs

  3. It ios truly liberating to take a piece that didn't work all that well, and transform it- which you have done.Yay!!

  4. Thanks Judy! I do like it better than the original. The inspiration cards seem to be working, I think. At least they are getting the brushes in my hands. ;-) Hugs

  5. Hi dear,
    I love the painting, looks like a fire, in the middle of the sea- beautifull.

  6. Yes, Dorthe, I see what you mean about a fire. I'm glad it's just imaginary. Hugs

  7. I kind of liked the old painting but the new one is stunning - the layers and "ghosts" add so much dimension and draw you in, as though you could just reach out a little and be in there!
    Wonderful work Susan!

  8. Thank you, Jillayne! I'm finding that this challenge has me painting in ways I haven't before. It's quite liberating, partly because I have the attitude that it's just an exercise. But I'm finding interesting results. Hugs

  9. well the result is absolutely stunning ! Looks a colorfull morning fog, the effect is beautiful ! i have to try that one :D thanks 4 posting !

  10. Thanks Dynamitej for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! Hugs

  11. An unbelievable transformation! I love it!

  12. It's certainly a change from a pukey pink and green flowery thing, isn't it, Janet? I'm so glad you like it! Hugs from Suz


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