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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hearts and Laces

I wanted to use a piece of my tea-stained lace to make a little gift for a special someone.
rusty bits cotton, cheesecloth, and some old flannelette
gathering embellishments
hmmm, which shall I use?
 flannelette base, rusty bits cotton, FME with gold thread, a brown fiber topper with FME'd gold thread
covered with rusty cheesecloth, and then some tea-stained lace
rusty bits cotton bottom

 add a tawny-colored shell heart and a tea-stained lace heart

an acorn button to attach once the wrist size is known

a cheesecloth flower with a two-thread tatted center and a bead cluster sits atop the hearts

 tawny gold and brown seed beads dance along the lace
and Voila!  a bracelet for a special lady with a chain and button closure
Hmmm, maybe I should run some brown ribbon through the gold chain.

What do you think?
Well, I decided against the chain: it didn't seem to match the shabby-vintage feel of the fabrics.

I removed it and used a piece of chocolate ribbon. Then, I added a second acorn button for a smoother closure. I'll attach the backing once the bracelet has been sized and the buttons secured.

I sure hope the recipient likes this bracelet!

I hope you've had a creative day.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Very lovely, she should be delighted with your gift! Lots of wonderful things you've received in your last post - my latest treat was the Cas Holmes book - delicious ;)

  2. Thanks Emma, I hope you're right. Gee, for some reason I haven't had time to read, lately. ;-) Enjoy your book. Hugs

  3. it's gorgeous!! such a special gift...

  4. ..right out of Robin's Sherwood... You did it again! It is lovely.
    Fox : )

  5. I'm sure the gift will be appreciated. You've got a large stash of bits and bobs there to chose from and you put them together beautifully.

  6. Hi dear Suz,
    it is a beautifull bracelet, and I`m sure your reciever will love it, it looks fantastic with the rustet laces and fabric`s ,--the beautifull flower,and buttons- all so gorgeus- Suz.

  7. Hi Suz,

    Oh what a lovely creation you have made!!!
    I am sure your friend will love and cherish it!!!

    Big hugs,

    Susan ;)

  8. Gorgeous Susan - just lovely. Your hand dyed laces make the project but I am also thinking the rusty tin adds a certain panache as well.
    And it looks like you enjoyed it which is a lovely thing when it's a gift - such good karma then!

  9. Thanks Karen! I hope she thinks so, too! Hugs

  10. Hi Fox! I like the warm tones, and the acorn buttons....what could be more perfect in Sherwood? Hugs

  11. Janet, it's so much fun to search through all my bits and find different elements that work together. I love to play in my stash! Do you get lost in your tubs of yarn? Hugs

  12. You are so clever susie, and what a wonderful lot of mail you have been getting....

  13. Fabulous design Suz and I am sure it will be loved by the special someone who will receive it.

  14. Thank you Dorthe! I had so much fun making this, and keeping it a secret. Hugs
    Shirley it seems I go for weeks without mail, and then everything arrives at once! I don't mind, as long as it's not bills.

  15. Susan, I sure hope my friend likes it! Thanks so much for your lovely comments! Hugs

  16. Thank you, Jillayne! It was almost as though I'd planned the tea-dyed laces for this project, but I'm not that organized. It was a happy accident, and I was so pleased the tea-dye went so well with the rusty bits. I did enjoy making this, and I always like to think positive thoughts about the recipient when I create something. I guess I'm hoping to infuse the gift with happiness. Hugs

  17. Doreen, thank you for your comment. I sure hope she likes it. Hugs

  18. Hi Suz, what a beautiful bracelet you have made, love the lace and the rusty cheesecloth and cotton and the acorn button.

  19. I'm so glad you like the bracelet and the components I used: I was very pleased with the result. Have a great weekend! Hugs

  20. This is certainly a one of a kind very special gift. I really like the ribbon in place of the chain. Your details really make this unique. Stunning! Happy weekend to you...

  21. Thank you so much Createology for your lovely comments! I' so glad you like the ribbon, too. The chain was a nice contrast, but didn't blend with the look I was after. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs

  22. Your tea stain bracelet with all the lace and other lovely embellishments are truly lovely. Hugs judy

  23. Thank you so much, Judy! It was my first fabric cuff bracelet, and I'm so pleased it turned out the way it did. Hugs


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