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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bargain Hunting

A-Hunting I did go!
And bargains I did find!
I went searching for tatting thread in one of the local second-hand shops. I didn't find any thread, but I did find this:  an embroidery book for 25 cents! I can use it for stitch reference for CQing. Printed in the early 1970's, it's a piece of nostalgia for styles of that time, but the stitch guide is great for my library.
Then I found this baggie for a buck. It was sealed, so I couldn't see everything inside, but for just a dollar, it seemed reasonable for what I could see.
When I got home and opened it up, this is what I found: ...............oodles of rick-rack, seam binding, and some lace

and more seam biding and lace. woohoo! How long ago was it when seam binding sold for 29 cents a package?
And then I found this kit to make a change purse for another dollar. All the supplies and instructions were included.
Here's a kit for cross-stitching a beautiful peacock. 50 cents. Really? Really!! The floss alone is worth much more than 10 times that much!
And then I found this:
another kit for 1 dollar. It's to make a 'draft dodger' for a door, or a shelf reindeer, called 'Rudy'. I don't expect I'll be making 'Rudy', but I do plan on using the supplies in the kit elsewhere. Here's what I found in the package:
Several pieces of fabric, two colours of felt , instructions,........
a large chunk of white fake fur, yarn, more fabric, grid material, and, in the shiny bag, jingle bells and pipe cleaners, plus a red pom-pom. Wow!
All these items were found at the same shop, but on three separate trips.
I think the stars must be aligned for good luck. Hmmm, maybe I should get a lottery ticket. lol
Here's hoping your day is filled with good luck and wonderful surprises.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Thanks once again for popping over to say "hello" on my blog.
    Never heard the word "boonies" before
    Some excitement in this little corner of Devon in the South Western part of the UK as we have just been invited to a wedding in Buffalo so will be flying near you this time next year.
    Don't snap up all the bargains before I get there!

  2. Wow my op shops dont have much at all these days, cant even find wool to felt.

  3. Wow you sure hit the jackpot there!!!What a wonderful find!!

  4. Hi Linda, and thanks for dropping by. Boonies is a slang term for out in the boondocks. I sort of live in the middle of the bush. How exciting to travel so far for a wedding! I'd love to save some bargains for you next year, but it's quite a hike from Buffalo. Hugs

  5. Penny, I haven't seen any wool in the shops either. Must be because felting is so popular these days. Even wool clothing is being snapped up for recycling. Thanks for visiting.

  6. I sure did hit the jackpot, Typstatting! Mind you, I've been several times and not found a thing, but these bargains make up for those times. I'm going to have fun with my bargains. Thanks for your visit, and hugs from Suz

  7. Oh Suz, you lucky thing! It's like treasure when you find these sorts of sewing bargains. look forward to seeing what you make with them.

  8. I sure have been lucky, Judy! I'm not sure how I'll be using all these treasures, but it really is wonderful finding them!

  9. You really hit the jackpot. Makes me want to try Goodwill again. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I didn't pick Garden Fractures but it has given me an idea for a quilt. Thank you.

  10. Yes, I did, Sandy! I've even found some lace treasures at the recycling centre, so Goodwill just might be a good treasure trove. I'll be interested to see this quilt idea develop. Thanks for visiting. Hugs

  11. You found some treasures! Lucky you!

  12. Treasures!! How lucky Suz!!! That peacock is an out of print design..I was looking for it around the web,so I know :) Lucky,lucky you ...enjoy your finds :)


  13. Yes, Annet, I am feeling very lucky. I even bought a lottery ticket. lol

  14. Hi Deepa. I shall enjoy my treasures, thank you.

  15. Goodness me Suz how lucky can one girl get--all that stuff makes me envious.

  16. Hi Doreen. Yes, I was very lucky finding all the wonderful stuff. I think part of the thrill is the search, not knowing if there's anything special you'll find. I think I'm addicted to the challenge. Hugs


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