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Saturday, August 28, 2010

On My Daily Walk

Every day I take Cody-dog for a walk. Quite often, we follow along the driveway, taking in the sights of Mother Nature, perhaps seeing signs of the creatures who passed that way during the night, or early hours of the morning. Of course, Cody 'sees' with his nose, raised first into the air to catch a scent or two, then galumffing along the ground following a particularly interesting aroma, alternately snorting and snuffling.
I mark the passage of our walk with rocks. They guard the length of the driveway, standing silent witness to all around them: sentinels. I love rocks, their solidity, immoveable presence, their colours, and shapes. I like the smooth ones that roll in my hand, the crystals, the veins of colour in granite.
Living where I do, there are rocks everywhere, some thrusting up through the layers of soil, some peeking out of the lake water, and some being the bedrock underfoot, what some refer to as bone. That seems apt as I consider that rock shapes the earth, gives it strength and structure, the soil being the flesh over bone. Hmmm.
So, following are some of the rocks I see along my walk. Some are small and gathered in piles to fill the road holes each spring, but most are quite large, too huge to be moved by hand. All are my friends.

 Once back home, we have huge boulders in the circular driveway.

Rocks we have gathered from along the drive sit beneath the roses and clematis and anchor the small hill.
Thanks so much for visiting and joining me on my rock walk. Do you love rocks too?
Hugs from Suz


  1. OMG! You would think you were looking at "my backyard", LOL! I live in a very rocky area too, the trees grow out of rocks... so I had never checked where you were from before and I just checked your profile... Ontario... we're neighbours... no wonder we share the same backyard! Lovely walk, I'll have to join you again some time. Hugs.

  2. Just love your rocks I like the way moss grows on rocks and they blend with the surrounds I like jumping up on rocks and the little birds use them as towers to scan their world. Oh yes and we have rocks too a giant one that the goannas hibernate under and the rabbits too. Even had a litter of kittens emerge from there once...so rocks are cool places for the animals.

  3. Suztats,
    I love your rock walk. Rocks are amazing things. You are so lucky to live where you do. Plus to have such a good side kick to go with you on such adventures is wonderful as well.

  4. Isn't it fantastic, Heather, how those trees seem to grow out of a tiny crevice in the rock? Incredible how they can possibly survive with so little soil. I'd love to have you join me on my walks anytime!

  5. Hi Shirley. Yes, we have moss and lichen growing on the rocks, sometimes hiding them from view. I've slid down a few rocks in my time to find a green bottom on my pants! There are some rocks in the Collingwood Scenic Caves where, according to legend, a native princess jumped from,into a rocky gulley below in protest at being told she had to marry a man she did not love! These scenic caves beneath layers of rock wind down into the earth and can still have ice in them in the heat of our hot summers.

  6. Thanks Bsotf! I have a great walking partner --he doesn't say much but he's awfully good company! He lets me talk as much as I like, and almost never interrupts.

  7. These rocks would make a good subject for sketching.yes rocks are great.Love looking at them.

  8. I love looking at rocks and climbing them too..:) Maybe because I too am an august born ;) Belated birthday wishes!!
    Hugs to you,


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