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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I haven't painted in a while, and it's too hot these days to do much outside, so I thought I'd paint in the sunroom. I was inspired by the colours on a new piece of material I  DH bought me for my birthday. So, out came the paper, watercolours and brushes,....

Since I didn't have a subject matter in mind, I decided I would just play with colour. I quite often create abstract backgrounds this way, and later define the painting with more detail. I added a damp piece of cheesecloth, and spritzed the watercolour paper.
First, I dribbled, dabbed, and daubed with Antwerp Blue ( I LOVE this colour!) letting drips splash where they might, and water bead and run as it liked. My board was on a slight incline to help with this movement. I used a very wet brush loaded with paint and made fast, bold strokes

 Next, I added Green Gold to the blue, allowing the colours to touch and mix, rolling the brush along and on the cheesecloth, smoothing edges with a damp brush and having fun! 

 Third came purples: Mineral Violet and Quinacridone Magenta, used blended as well  as individually, touching the green and blue, blobbing here and there, dispersing with contact of the water spots and wet paint already on the paper.   I added some coarse sea salt here and there for texture.
Then came the difficult part; walking away to let it all dry.

When I returned, and removed the cheesecloth, this is what remained. There was some texture on the paper where the cheesecloth had lain, but I was disappointed that there was so little of it, and that it was less defined than I'd hoped.

This close-up shows why I was disappointed.

This close-up shows the sea salt and the effect it can have pulling up the colour to create little pale 'ice' bursts.
Now, what shall I do with the 'painting'? I'm not sure. I could cut it up for gift tags or cards. I could go back in and paint some more. I could play with wax and more paint or watercolour crayons. What would you do?    Hmmmm......I'll have to think on it.
At least I do have a fabulous bit of coloured cheesecloth to use in another project.
Isn't the colour just gorgeous?
Thanks for visiting.

Hugs from Suz


  1. Suztats,
    That is the best looking cheese cloth I've seen in a long time. Mine is all white looking yet. But I do love how your's looks!!!

  2. Nothing wrong with these pale shades Suz. Have you ever painted on silk? If you love colour, silk dyeing is just marvellous.And the colour!!!You can use salt etc like you can with watercolour. Then you could tat, embroider etc onto it!!

  3. Thanks, Bsotf. Send yours over and I'll paint it for you!lol It does look nice with colour, and will really fit in with some material I have to match, sort of. Hugs

  4. That's a fantastic idea, Judy! You do have marvelous ones. Ever since seeing the hand-painted silk scarves, I've thought it would be really neat to do, but I haven't followed through to do the research. I think adding tatting and/or embroidery would make it unique!

  5. Suztats,
    I know what I can do to keep the kids busy. Let them paint cheese cloth! When I first saw it, I was taken back to tiedye things of the 1970's. Which was really cool looking in it's own rights too. Just like your cheese cloth is in my books! Thanks for giving me the lovely way to get the kids busy with cafts.
    Hugs to you too!

  6. Hey Bsotf, I'm sure the kids will have lots of fun! Are you going to put some fabric underneath the cheesecloth? That way you get some wild painted fabric, too.

  7. I really like those colors and I agree, it's too bad the cheesecloth didn't leave more texture. I wonder - what if you had gently laid the cheesecloth on after? Then the threads might have sucked up the pigment where they touched and left a stronger impression. Or maybe it would just be one big blob of color. LOL! You still have some white space that you could test a little 2" or 3" piece on.

  8. Hi Gina, that's a good idea and I think I'll try that. It might have to be on a different piece of paper as I've been doing a little more playing on this one, and until it dries, I don't know how much white will be left. I will, though, post the results.


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