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Monday, August 30, 2010

Something a Little Different

I've made a couple gifts to send away. The first one is something a little different than my usual creations as I tried to make a tone-on-tone somewhat shabby sachet holder. First, I tea-dyed some muslin, and sewed it onto felt, adding a double row lace piece, some paisley material, two lace hearts, ribbon, tulle, and embellishments. It looks like this:

I added a covered button surrounded by mother-of-pearl chips, and then tatted cascades of flowers down the centre of the lace. In order to give it a somewhat shabby, vintage look, I deliberately tried to make the embellishments uneven and not centrally placed. For me, that's a little difficult to do!  Does that add some charm, or take away from the look?
Rather pleased with the result, it's my hope the recipient will also like this sachet, which I filled with lavender.
Another ATC is on its way. I used a base of hand-knit fabric, added some fibers and covered it with bronze organza, then quilted it onto felt. Pink tatting was sewn onto the surface and beads added. It's also a surprise for the recipient, so I sure hope she likes it.
Here's hoping there's a nice surprise in your day.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suz,
    Yes, they are all very lovely work! You don't stop amazing me with what you make!

  2. Thanks, Bsotf! I like to experiment and play and try all manner of stuff. I want to do it all! Now, if there was just a Time Fairy, ....... lol

  3. This is goreous Suz. You can appreciate the laces and tatting, with the soft tea-dyed colours.I've been gathering bit for something in these soft tones.Not sure what to make yet.maybe Crazy Patch heart or such like.
    Yes wish the Time Fairy would visit me too!!

  4. Yup..yup..I loved it :) I'll try making some and then let you know if it is good enough for a swap.

  5. I'm glad, Deepa. Sounds great! Your work is always beautiful!


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