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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Touches of Autumn

I was wandering in the garden this morning. Autumn's fingers had grasped many of my plants, and left the mark of its touch! It's too early!!  According to the calendar, there's supposed to be 5 more weeks of summer!
 This scrub tree is already changing colour!

Even wild brush is feeling the finger of autumn.

The leaves on my spirea are beginning to blaze with burgundy.

 Sumac leaves are turning yellow, orange and red.
 Even this maple leaf has begun to change.
 Green shrub leaves are turning from green to yellow.
This clematis petal seems to be changing colour, too! Isn't that strange?

Here's hoping your day is filled with colour.
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Hugs from Suz


  1. Here winter is still hanging on although buds are bursting and birds mating and we are waiting for the first foal.

  2. Yes, I'm is Oz too, and we have been cold....Not like you get though!! Autumn is such a gentle season.my favourite time of year.Is the clematis affected by the cold?We can only grow it in sheltered positions, and S.A. has lime soil which they don't like much.
    The spirea is so pretty in Spring with those drooping white flowers- like snow.

  3. Hi Penny, soon you'll be having your warm spring weather, and we'll be freezing and under snow! I love the spring, the promise of new life and new growth, when all is renewed.

  4. Judy, my white clematis grows on the south wall of our house, so the wall is quite warm, although we have trees providing shade during the heat of the day. I also have other clematis growing on the northeast of our house, where they do get a lot of sun. It's not too hot to grow them during our summers, but we do need to protect the roots during the winters, at least where I live.
    The soil here is a clay so I am amending slowly with humus and peat moss, as well as top soil.
    My spirea is a pink one which seems to have fewer, smaller blooms, and is a summer bloomer. It's amazing what variety there is.
    How cold is an Oz winter?

  5. Suztats,
    I love you sharing your pictures of the lake & seasons changing around you. They are beautiful mother nature in her finest. Colder weather isn't a thrilled in most ways. But it is time for hot chocolates, teas & other good things too. Like my favorite excuse," Too cold to go out & about, might as well spend time inside to do tatting!"

  6. Absolutely! I may just spend the winter sitting in front of the fire with hot tea, tatting or stitching the days away. Won't that be fun?!


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