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Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday at the Lake

Saturday morning was a cool one with temperatures near 5C! The air was colder than the water, resulting in a light mist over the lake. By the time I'd grabbed the camera and climbed half-way down the hill, most of the mist had evaporated. You can see just a hint of it here:                                                                               
Can you see the 'head' of the turtle, half in shadow, on Turtle Island? Turtles actually climb up the granite to deposit their eggs in the sand, found in a few depressions in the rock.

Saturday was a fine day: sunshine, a cool breeze, and not too hot.

After supper, DH, dog, and I climbed into the canoe and paddled around part of Bradley Lake. Here's what we saw:

Pink granite rising out of the water.

green trees reflected in the blue
Clouds 'behind' the trees.
The rocky edge of Blueberry Island.The granite ranges from Pink to dark grey, and here shows what looks like a streak of blue. It's probably just lichen.

A rocky ledge disappears into deep water.
Clouds began to gather.
                                                                                           Then spread across the sky.
The shadows deepened, and it was time to return home.

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Beautiful photos. Bet the mist was lovely.

  2. These are wonderful photos I could see the head of the turtle ..how interesting.

  3. Thanks Judy and Shirley. My DS & DIL gave me the camera one Christmas, and it's so easy to use. I just point and shoot. At the right angle, Shirley, one can see not only the turtle's head, but also the shell hump and the front legs! Really neat!

  4. What a beautiful place. Your tatting is wonderful. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  5. Yes, Sandy, it is a beautiful place, and I am so lucky to live here. I'm glad you like my tatting: I am enjoying your sun prints. I wonder if it would work with regular acrylic paints? Thanks so much for visiting.

  6. Hi Suz,

    Thank you for visiting my blog earlier and wanting to join in on my giveaway...I do not know if you wanted to become a follower of mine or not...I did want only followers old and new to be in the drawing and I did not see your name yet..I know someone else had wanted to and forgot...so please come back and follow me and you will be counted in with the rest of the group.

    By the way....your Tating is wonderful and I have always wanted to learn..I have a shuttle and books and never have started. You may be my inspiration to learn now!!

    Pleaant Day to You!!


  7. Thank you Susan. I have been a follower for a while, but found out I was listed as anonymous by mistake, and I have corrected that. Thanks for visiting, and I do hope you give tatting a try.

  8. What great photos! I especially like the first one with the faint mist - you can see it but it's so subtle. It looks like it was a wonderful day; there is truly nothing like a day on and near the water. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  9. Thanks for you kind comment - I couldn't find whether I'd come by to say welcome to my blog or not & you joined ages ago! Huge appologies - life can sometimes get in the way, so thanks for joining!

    Love your pics, particularly your header. Did you see the 'walk' I took everybody on a while back? I hadn't thought of a water 'walk', thanks for the inspiration!

    Your pieces are lovely - I haven't got such patience & love to throw things at my fabric or paper, as you've probably noticed!

  10. Hi Emma, and thanks so much for following my blog! I have been enjoying your holiday pics--you take such lovely photos of wonderful shadows and architecture and I want to paint them all!--and it's been a treat seeing all your birthday postcards. Living where you do, I think a water walk would be fantastic. I'll be waiting to see it. Hugs

  11. Hi Jillayne. That first photo you liked is the same view I see out my kitchen window, so it gives me something beautiful and ever-changing to look at while I wash dishes.


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