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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cluny Catastrophe

Georgia Seitz challenged The Online Tatting Class to tat her cluny bookmark. Having never tatted clunies before, I thought I'd give it a try. Oh, Boy!

I tried clunies with a plastic canvas loom. Nope. No good.

I tried clunies with a hand 'loom'. Unh-unh. Didn't work.
So I threw in the towel, at least temporarily. I really need to work on perfecting the tension. Really.

Here then, for your daily chuckle: Suz Cluny Catastrophe!
Are they not sad? All different shapes. All different sizes. And all the same pattern! Arrrgh!

I do love the thread, though. It's Yarnplayer's 'Stardate".   Hhmm, I think I'll go and try to make something simpler with what's left of the thread. ;-)

Hope you have better success with whatever you're doing today.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suztats,
    Excuse me,,you never have done them before. Right? Well, they don't look that bad for the first time of doing them. It's kind of like someone famous told me about hand sewing,"like so many things, just takes practice, and patience" Gosh I can't remember who that person was..Ok, I'm not naming any name. But would you like a mirror? LOL! You are getting it. Don't give up. Remember to breath so you keep relaxed while doing it. Keep on trying & don't give up. Hugs!!!

  2. Your tallies don't look too bad for the first try. Remember practice makes perfect. I had problems with mine at first too, so you are not alone. We all go through that when we try something new and cluny tallies are not easy to do. So, please don't give up on them, and continue to practice and in the end you will be very pleased with yourself and your finished product.

  3. love this post! Learning new stitches is Frustrating.I made a few ribbon roses last week.Only I wasn't brave like you- I didn't post mine!Better luck next time!
    I love the name of this stitch!

  4. You are kind to say that Bsotf, but they really are sad clunies. Like you say, practice, and patience, and then probably more practice! I shall keep trying to improve. Hugs

  5. Hi Tatting-Marie. Thanks for your advice: I shall continue to practice. Thanks for visiting. Hugs

  6. Frustrating is right, Judy! There was a moment or two when I would have happily thrown the clunies across the room! But I said a few choice words instead, took a deep breath and tried some more. It didn't help much, but at least I wasn't down on the floor searching for my needle and thread! lol. I haven't yet tries SRE, but I imagine roses would be a challenge. Hugs

  7. Try again susan.How about making a pair of each and using them as accessories for one more 'face card' like the one you created for Judy? The top one looks like a brooch ,the second could be for the ears and the third ...you must've guessed by now :)
    Wanted to add a wow for the 'wolf' too :)

  8. Thanks, Deepa! Oh, I shall try again, and, from what I've been told, again and again, before my clunies look like they should. lol ....I'm not sure I could do another face card....faces are really hard to do! Hugs,

  9. They look like delicate little rigs or pendants to me, keep at it. I was once given a lace making kit for christmas. Luckily I had a friend who knew how to teach me and spent loads of time showing me how to make lace, unfortunately it took me over a week to make a scratty bookmark so I didn't continue it, I so admire people who can do it though. I also love the previous post paintings too what a good idea.

  10. Hi Jill. What kind of lace-making kit did you have? Sometimes it takes a while, but once you know how to do the lace, and practice, one does get faster. Glad you liked the paintings---they're a work in progress. Hugs

  11. They are NOT sad - just a little...ummm... pubescent. You know, kind of not-yet-formed.

    And that is a very GOOD thing! I had clunies just like this for ages and I often visit those shapes still.

    You have the trick, now you just need to get the tension. I suspect you are pulling too tightly and not making a kind of "pillow" with the weave.

    Hand clunies are the only way to go for me. The loom was useless as it did not give me complete control of the shape.

    Keep it up and you are going to have beauties! I know - I have been there. (Took a year and a half of practice so have patience!!)

    I'm rooting for you and your cluny babies!
    Fox : ))

  12. Hey Fox,
    Thank you so much for your encouragement and cluny advice: I didn't realize I was supposed to make a 'pillow', and you're right in that I do pull my tatting tightly. I'll try it again (and probably again and again! ) and I'll try to be more gentle. Thanks again. Hugs from Suz.

  13. They are not sad! My gosh! You should've seen my first ones...they looked like squares, LOL! Yours at least have some sort of points on them! Lovely colors, too! ;)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  14. Hi TattingChic. It's true ...some have points, but at least with squares it means your tension was even! lol I love this thread colour. Did you master the cluny? Hugs


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