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Friday, October 22, 2010

Rusty Bits Experiment

I wanted to make some more rusty bits, and thought I would test a couple of different fabrics to see how well they absorbed the rust.
I began with these rust enablers:

And wrapped them up in the following:
laces, tulle, organza, muslin, flannelette, cheesecloth

I placed the wrappings into a rusty can and set it outside for 2 weeks to percolate through rain, wind, and sun. Here are the results.

I discovered that neither the organza nor the tulle absorb the rust very well. The flannelette, which was a piece from an old, old, old diaper, absorbed the most colour. The polished cotton absorbed some rust, but not as much as I had hoped. I was pleased with the laces, muslin, and cheesecloth.

Then, I made:

Two lavender sachets with corduroy fringe. The fronts are layers of cheesecloth and tulle with a bit of lace: the back is polished cotton.
But they look a little plain, don't you think? I do. I see some tatting in the near future. Oh! And maybe some luscious, beaded fringe.

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suz your lavender sachets are wonderful, love the rusted cheesecloth you used, have a nice weekend.

  2. Thank you Anni! They were fun to make, and I think the cheesecloth layers give it an organic look. You have a nice weekend, too. Hugs

  3. What a great idea - and how scientific! I love playing around and experimenting with things like this - not much of a surporise though the synthetics didn't absorb as much - natural fibres do so many things better!

  4. It was fun playing, Jillayne, and seeing what happens with different fabrics. Now I have some nice rusted fabrics to play with.


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