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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tat and Fringe

I took this:
                                   tatted with two threads: DMC perle #5 in a light rust, and button and carpet thread in a dark brown

plus this:



mixed in some

and attached it to :

The rusty bits sachets

and voila!
 With crystals and wire dangles, and tatting, This decorated sachet is being tucked away for a future gift.

This sachet with the tatted flower, edging, and beaded fringe fits perfectly into one of the inside pockets of the bag I made. It'll be a little extra surprise.

I hope you have nice surprises today.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suztats,
    Those are very lovely. That thread works excelent with the rusted cloth & beads wonderfully! Yes, I enjoy seeing what you create next!!! Glad to know those broken rusty parts are still useful...LOL!

  2. you tatters are way too clever!!!! It's so lovely!

  3. Wow Suz, the tatting works so well with the rusty fabric!Great colours.I love this project!!

  4. Bsotf, I have relied on those 'rusty parts' to assist me in this project, and they worked beautifully! Thanks so much for the loan! Do you have any more stashed away? lol Hugs

  5. Thanks Karen! Glad you like it! Hugs

  6. Judy, it was pure luck I had the thread on hand, and I was pleased how they picked up the tones in the sachets.Thanks! Hugs

  7. Those turned out very nicely. Love the colors together, kinda look like they were meant to go together.

  8. Yes, it does WW. How lucky is that!? Hugs

  9. Suz your tatting works looks so wonderful on the lavender sachets, great idea.

  10. Always so beautiful your tatting, I like the thread you've used thank corinne

  11. Thank you, Max! The perle #5 is a little soft, but the button and carpet thread is quite firm, and keeps the perle in shape. Hugs


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