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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Treasures In The Mail

Look what I found in the mailbox!
Inside a large envelope, I found this:

A cute fabric heart with hand embroidery, a lovely card, and a beautiful fabric bag from Jillayne. Trimmed with lace and adorned with a gorgeous bling button on a fabric rosette, it held the following 5 inch squares from other artists participating in Jillayne's Winter Swap.

Winter Song was created by Teresa. A blue jay gathers red berries from a snow-laden branch. Layers of paper, sheet music, and paint are fused together to make this lovely square. Since I love to watch the birds at the bird feeders each winter, and the jays are frequent visitors, this square is special because the elements here are a part of my winter. I sing in a community choir, so how perfect is it that the music on this square is "There's a Song in the Air"! Thank you so much, Teresa!

Freda used felt, laces, beads, trim and a snow angel in the creation of Silent Night. Isn't it beautiful? So delicate, and feminine it evokes romantic memories of sparkling snow crystals underfoot. I can almost feel the breeze that the folds in the cloak indicate as the angel clasps the basket of snow blossoms. The beauty and colour of the snow shows in the sequins and beads. It's lovely, Freda, and I adore it! Thank you.

created Chickadee. I've always loved chickadees, and spend hours at the window watching them at the bird feeders. I see this little one perched on a holly bush, surrounded by holly berries dusted with snow. The felt is adorned with hand stitching, and the edges sparkle. I love my Chickadee, Appleshoe!  Thank you.

 Marcia. is the artist who created this beautiful and whimsical painting. I see a snow angel, with sparkling wings, and it reminds me of all the snow people my children and I built on the front lawn many years ago. Our snow creations were not as lovely as Marcia's! Thank you so much for calling forth happy memories! I love this snow angel!

Silvery Nature is created from several glittery and lacy fabrics, tulle, ribbon, fabric pictures, and pearl trim sewn together. It evokes shivery cold with the colour blue, frosty window panes, ice crystals and layers of snow. The sun must be shining to create so much snow glitter. Thank you so much, Dorthe! This square really creates the feeling of winter: cold, ice and snow.

 I have wonderful treasures to always remind me how much I enjoyed participating in my first group swap! Thanks to all the fantastic artists who created my new treasures, and to Jillayne for being a marvelous Swap Host.

I hope you have treasures in your day.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. hello
    very nice pictures
    bye corinne

  2. They are very nice, Corinne! The pictures cannot capture all the depth and texture, though. Hugs,

  3. Suztats,
    Those are very lovely gifts to recive in the mail. But I had to laugh cause there's a very cute SNOWMAN among them. Now your friends are helping to fill your house with snow peole. LOL! I love it!!!!

  4. Sue, you lucky girl, already recieved all your squares- I`m proud to be in such a wonderfull companionship- they are a beautifull collection.
    Hugs, from-Dorthe

  5. Yes, Bsotf, I thought you would enjoy that! Well, Snowlady has a new companion to keep her happy. Hugs

  6. Dorthe, you'll receive yours soon, I'm sure, and I hope you love yours as much as I do mine!I'll be watching your posts to see what you get! Hugs

  7. Yay! Made it safe and sound - I'm so glad you like your parcel! It was such a fun Swap and now that I know the first parcel has arrived I can post about what I got!

  8. Oh, yes, Jillayne, I want to see what you got! I'm off to check if you've posted, yet. Hugs

  9. Some lovely delectables in the post!!
    Don't you just LOVE surprises in the mail!!

  10. Oh, yes, Judy! I do love those surprises in the mail! It feels a little like Christmas! Hugs

  11. Hi Susan,
    I'm sorry it's aken me so long to thank you fo rthe beautiful squares you created for Jillayne's swap. I was lucky enough to receive one of them. It's beautiful!!
    I'll be posting photos of the squares I received next week.
    Thanks again!!


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