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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A New Bag

 I took one of the lace pieces and used it to decorate a bag I made using some brown corduroy, a 'wild' orange/brown print fabric, and those lucite purse handles I'd found at the second-hand shop.
Inside, there is one plain side, and the opposite side is filled with 8 pockets, half the full length, and half shorter to allow for holding a variety of items.

I've used interfacing between the layers of the orange/brown print to add strength and stability both on the bag back, and in between the material layers used to create the pockets. The pockets are edged with corduroy to help prevent the pocket fabric from wearing.

What I like about this bag:
1- it's machine washable, except for the handles
2- the handles are a recycled item and can be removed easily for laundering the bag
3- it's not too large, but can carry a lot of differently sized items
4- the handles can hold a key chain, it can be popped off if undesireable, or flipped into the bag for security while still easily accessible
Here's the outside, front:
You can see there is a key chain attached to the handle. It has brown leather dangles hanging from a dark brown oval disc carved with the form of a frog. The top of the lace is secured beneath the fabric handle cover, carrying the inside fabric to the outside for a little contrast and interest.

The back:

Isn't that fabric wild? I think it would sure wake me up in the morning!

                                    Inside, showing the pockets:

I do have to sew all around the outside of the oval lace doily to secure it to the brown corduroy. Then, this bag will be on its way to someone very special. I sure hope she likes this surprise! And maybe there'll be a few little surprises tucked into those pockets, too!

May you have a nice surprise in your day, too!
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suztats,
    That is a lovely purse. The colors are perfect to it. Who ever gets it will be sure to treasure it for ever cause you made it for them with love! That person will be super thrilled to get this gift from you.

  2. Thanks, Lakshmi: I hope the person who recives it thinks so, too.
    Thanks Bsotf, I sure hope you're right. I've already started making some little items to 'hide' in the pockets.

  3. Suztats, I love that bag. The idea of lots of pockets inside really appeals to me. A have a little keychain on my bag so the keys don't disappear into the depths.
    The colour of the fabric is really cheerful.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  4. Hi Suz, what a lovely idea, to add the lace doily, love your back, with the wonderfull handles.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  5. Hi Dian! It seems I'm always digging in my purse to find my keys on the bottom, so I thought I'd make this bag with the option of a key chain on the handles. I thought with all the contraptions people carry today, pockets might be a good idea. I'm glad you like the bag. Hugs

  6. Dorthe, it's hard to tell from the pic, but the handles are a tortoise shell colouring, so it goes well with both fabrics. I thought the lace would soften the look of the corduroy. Hugs

  7. Hi Susan, I received one of your 5 inch squares in the swap with Jillayne. I love it. It is the square with the two tea cups. I am going to hang all five of my squares in my sewing room. Thanks again. Lucille. P.S. I can't wait to see which squares you received.

  8. Hi Lucille! I'm so glad you like the 5zie! I was thinking how best to display mine,too, when I get them. I think in my art room, perhaps in a wall hanging.
    I can't wait to see what treasures I get! I'd love to have one of your gorgeous birds! Hugs

  9. Love the bag! The variety of pockets on that one side make it perfect and the beautiful fabric just shouts "Autumn" to me :)
    I am sure who ever the recipient is they'll be thrilled with it!

  10. Thanks, Whytefeather! I hope you're right about the recipient being thrilled! I love the pockets and the material, too. In fact, if I had more corduroy, I'd be tempted to make one for me! Hugs


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