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Friday, October 8, 2010

Found Treasures

I went back to the second-hand shop to search for more treasures, and found these:
crocheted lace

an oval doily

and a third lace! I think this one is machine-made. I'm gathering laces for my CQing stash. At 50 cents each, it's a steal! I can't help thinking of the many hours someone invested in creating the hand-made laces, and how under valued they are!

Then I found these handles from a purse, and a tie clip, each for only $1, so I scooped them up. The tie clip goes into my CQ stash, but I have an idea brewing for the plastic (lucite?) handles. It just might involve some or all of the following: dark brown corduroy, animal print cotton, rusty bits, laces, embroidery, ribbon, and tatting. Hmmmm, I wonder,.....
Wishing a Happy Columbus Day to all in the USA
I'll be celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving  and hope you are too.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suztats,
    Wow, you hit a gold mine! I'm so thrilled for you. Cause I can't wait to see what you do with all of this. Yes, it's nice to find hand made things cause someone spent alot of time making it & it's never worth what it should be. That's the sad part of life.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What great finds! Can't wait to see what you do with the handles and the laces... so pretty. I need to run around to our second-hand/thrift shops one of these weekends and see what I can find!

  3. I have some lace done by that 3rd technique too and I'm not sure how it's made. At first I thought it was machine made, since it's woven, but as I've learned more about lace, there are some techniques in needlelace that look exactly like that. I'd like to find out some day.

  4. wHAT BEAUTIFUL LACES!. They are like little treasures. Their delicate beauty and yes- the number of hours to complete them..I always feel something "special" for lace.

  5. Thanks Bsotf! I do get lucky finding beautiful laces sometimes.
    Whytefeather I have discovered so many useful items at the seconh-hand stores in the little neighbouring town. I've even found several embroidery kits that were unopened and intact! The search for treasure can become addictive, though......
    I pulled out that 3rd piece of lace, Gina, and checked it again, and I really can't tell for sure if it's hand-made or not. It's gorgeous.
    Judy, I never appreciated lace until I began to tat, and discovered how delicate and lovely it can be. And how much time is invested in its creation.....I think, for me, part of the allure is the connection to the past, of ancestors making, and wearing laces. Or it could be that I'm just finding my feminine side.......
    Thank you all for your comments. I do appreciate them. Happy weekend!

  6. Hi Suz, you found wonderfull stuff, again,
    love the doilies,they are sooo usefull, for lots of wonderfull art, to be--hope to see, what you do with it :)
    Happy sunday,

  7. Yes, Dorthe, I did! I have had such good fortune. I'm working on one project now, and will post once I'm finished. Have a great day! Hugs

  8. Those laces are all beautiful and unusual. I don't know what kind the 3rd one is, but certainly is something special not found every day.

  9. Hi Yarnplayer! Yes, they are beautiful, and such a shame they were tucked away in a box where no one could see them. But I guess people do not use such fancy pieces on their tables anymore. Hugs

  10. Those laces are lovely! Thanks for sharing! :D


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