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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Bit of Tatting Going on.........

I've been doing a bit of tatting for some special people. The pieces below are in the mail, and being sent to Gina for her lace piece.

 Tatted with Coats' Opera #30 in ecru. this pattern comes from "Needle Tatting with Style Book 1", page 16, "Place Mat" by Virginia Byrd.
I tatted Round 1 and Round 2, then added a third row repeating the pattern in the second round.
This mini-doily measures just over 2 1/2".
Frilly, huh?


I was tatting variations of Rosemarie Peel's 'Leaf' from " 20 Tatted Motifs". My 'leaf' variation measures 1" at its widest point. The 'flowers' are 3/4" wide.
These are for Gina to use as she wishes.

Other tats are waiting to go in the post for some swaps.

Have you been tatting? What have you been making?
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. lovely tattings Susan..though im not in to tatting liked your first piece very much...

  2. Suztats,
    I'm sure that Gina will like those tattings from you. As will the others who are getting them in swaps with you. They are really lovely pieces of work.

  3. Thank you Lakshmi1 I hope Gina likes it too! It's a favourite pattern. Hugs

  4. Thanks Bsotf! I hope you're right! I do really like that first pattern, and I've used it to make quite a few items, although I haven't made a place mat yet. Hugs

  5. I love visiting this blog , lots of beautiful things!

  6. Beautiful tatting :) I can't imagine doing the complex ones you do!
    I need to get back on teaching myself tatting again... so many neat little motifs to make!

  7. What a nice thing to say, Max! Thank you. I hope you'll visit often. Hugs

  8. Hi Whytefeather! The patterns I used here are quite simple, really, they just might look a little complicated because there are so many picots, but the doily, leaf and flowers are just simple chains and rings, and nothing complicated at all.
    There are so many patterns available now, so I'm sure you'll have fun! Have you checked out The Online Tatting Class? It's super! Hugs

  9. How tiny and beautifull,-and what a wonderfull work, you did, dear.Thay will be so loved where arriving.

  10. I sure hope so, Dorthe! How are you coming along with all your preparations for Christmas at your store? Wish I could pop in and check out all your lovelies! Hugs

  11. I love the tatting you have sent me Suz - it is so precious to have had it made for me. I love the words you wrote for me too. Thank you so much. I'm starting my final project today. I have two weeks to finish it!

  12. I'm so glad you like it Gina! I'll be checking in to see how your project progresses. Hugs


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