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Saturday, November 27, 2010

From the Mailbox

Judy and I had another swap and she sent me this gorgeous fabric postcard:
 I love the colours she used! There's lots of bling the scanner just does not capture. I see felted materials, dyed lace, metallic cording, tulle, free motion stitching, and beads galore.
Bugle beads, seed beads, flower beads and sequins adorn my postcard.
Thank you so much, Judy!
 This is what I sent Judy:

my rusty bits postcard.

Also tucked into the envelope was this cute snowman decoration Judy made. It will sure look nice on my Christmas tree!

What a great swap!

Hope you find lovely things in your mailbox.

Weather permitting, I'll be away this weekend and won't have access to a computer. So I won't be able to respond to your very nice comments until Monday. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suztats,
    Judy's piece is very lively in a beautiful way! Gee, a snowman..hum? Wonder what's going on there..LOL! Your postcard to her is elegant too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Both postcards are wonderful, love the colors and the rusty bits you used in your to Judy, cute snowman.

  3. Those postcards are wonderful! Such artistic talent in such a little space!
    Fox : )

  4. Hi dear,
    oh your swap pieces are wonderfull, -I so love your beautifull rustet colored, card-and the obe you recieved, is in fantastic colors- two very different cards, --but wonderfull, both.
    See you soon-

  5. Hi Suz - lovely to catch up on all your blogging and I love your Header. What a beautiful place where you live .... The postcards are just beautiful.

  6. your mailbox always seems to be full of exciting things. All I ever get is bills!!! Hope you had a great weekend away.

  7. Thanks Bsotf! Had a wonderful weekend. I figured you'd notice and appreciate the snowman. I'm not sure just what's going on with all that, but it's a good thing I do like them, isn't it, seeing as they seem to follow me home. Hugs

    Thank you Anni! I've been having such fun doing swaps, and Judy's creations are always wonderful! Hugs

    Hey Fox, isn't Judy's postcard marvelous? Now I have several of her mini works of art. I love them! Thanks for your visit. Hugs

    Hi Dorthe! I love the postcards, too. Thanks for your kind remarks. I received the wonderful 'regard' you sent me--thank you so much! I love the laces, tags and postcard! How thoughtful of you! Hugs

    Val, so nice of you to pop by. I thought you might like that header...it's one ATC I'm very pleased with. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Judy creates marvelous things, don't you agree? Hugs

    You see, Karen, I get bills in my mailbox, too, but I just pass them over to DH to handle. That way I get all the good stuff that's left! Had a great weekend, thanks. Hope you did, too! Hugs


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