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Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday: A Painting, A Walk and A Ride

After priming some closet doors, I felt in the mood for painting, and pulled out The Nebula and played with it a bit more. It still needs more work, but it now looks like this:

I'm pleased with the depth of colour and how it is flowing across the page. The planets are not as defined, and I think that adds some mystery.

What do you think? Does it look like gaseous matter? Can you see the sheen of the interference acrylic paint?

I would like to introduce a white, streaming cloud across the page, but I'm not sure if it would enhance what's there, or not.
What are your thoughts on this?

Sunday afternoon.  I began my regular walk with Cody-dog. Hat, mittens, jacket and leash, and we were out the door, clomping down the deck stairs.
Hearing a roar coming from the nearby beaver pond, we set out to investigate the cause.
The beaver pond was frozen over, and water was escaping in a plume over the dam.

Frothing and foaming, cascading over sticks and tree limbs, onto rocks, boulders, and bedrock, the water swept furiously downhill.....

 it seethed and fizzed....

 spouting and splashing its spray onto tiny branches, freezing into tree-cicles......

roiling and bubbling, it crashed onto itself, whirled and surged over soil, and stone.....

swelled, then calmed.

We had found the cause.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a drive down the road, and came across these beauties:

Reintroduced into the area, the elk herds are growing and prospering, although causing area farmers much grief, as they knock down fences and trample or demolish crops. They are beautiful creatures. This grouping numbered around 15. At times, we have seen up to 30 or more in one group.

I hope you've had a lovely Sunday.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suztats,
    Your panting is beautiful as it is. However I do look forward to when you have it finished to see it then.
    Wow, there's alot of great food standing in those other pictures. Remember what ever you do when you see them on the road...DON'T HONK YOUR HORN!!!! Cause they can rip up a semi with ease. Not no joke either!
    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next Classy Lady! Hugs

  2. I've always admired works of art... I have no idea how to even begin! Are there clouds up there? I don't have a clue!

    I love your description of the water. I don't think we have beavers or elk around here (50 miles south of Chicago), so my chances of seeing such beauty are slim. Thanks for sharing the photos and the descriptions!

  3. The photos from your walk are wonderful, that is just my kind of walk to a 'T'!
    Love how your painting is turning out, not sure on the cloud drifting across though... it is beautiful the way it is. How ever you decide to do it I am sure it will work out great :)

  4. the picture looks pretty good to me just as it is yet I think a cloud wouldn't look out of place. why don't you photocopy it and paint a cloud on that to get an idea.

  5. Hey Bsotf, thanks for the nice comments! I'm at that stage in the painting that I like what's happening, but I'm afraid to proceed in case I wreck it! Ah, well, that fear factor!

  6. Thanks Whytefeather! It's a nice walk in the bush to the beaver pond. I just love traipsing through to see all the nature.Hugs

  7. Hi Diane, one of the perks of living in the boonies is seeing lots of creatures. I'm not sure cloud is the proper word: perhaps I should have said a diaphanous gas cloud. Does that explain it better? I wonder if that would work. Hugs

  8. That's a god idea Karen. I'm 1/2 hour's drive from the closest copier, though. You have given me the idea to use a piece of mylar over-top the painting, and painting the 'cloud' on top to indicate how it might appear. Thanks. Hmmm, where's that mylar? Hugs

  9. Susan, your painting is wonderfull as is, I love the planets floating around in those wonderfull skyes!! the colors are so fantastic,-and so was your walk, --what a wonderfull area, you live in- a beautifull nature, dear.
    Your little letter went off today,-hope it dos not take too long, before arriving.

  10. Thank you, Dorthe. It is a bit wild this piece of the country, untamed. It has an energy I love. Hugs

  11. Hiya Suz...what wonders at your "doorstep"!!!
    Truly spectacular.We used to live opposite a creek,but even there lots of birds, lizards frogs...all sorts of creatures.
    Must be lovely to see wild animals up close.

    Your painting is looking very atmospheric.

  12. Judy, Mother Nature has so many wonders to show us, don't you agree? Sometimes I forget to look and marvel, but I'm glad I returned home for a camera to record the water flow. Hugs

  13. Suz your painting of planets is wonderful I love the colors, they are great, amazing nature pictures.

  14. Thank you Anni! I am lucky to have nature just outside my door. I am thinking of leaving the painting as it is. Shirl says I might overwork it if I try anything else. I'm agreeing with her. Hugs

  15. It looks like here in the place were you are; all waterfals and lakes frozen!
    I love ! the paintnig !!

  16. Thank you, Ati, I'm glad you like my painting. It must be pretty cold where you live if the lakes are frozen, too. Our lake has ice forming on it, but it's not been cold enough long enough for it to freeze. But the cold weather is coming. Have a great weekend! Hugs


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