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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fabric Doodles Finished

I've been working on my fabric doodles and created two fabric postcards from this start.
Along the way, they looked like this:
 Taking shape with the addition of beads, tatting, rusty bits cheesecloth, as well as some rusty fabrics with free-form machine embroidery.

 I added some rusted lace, and a shell bead.

There is also some yarn-- a tawny-coloured lion suede. I was pleased with my progress, so far.
 I added some tatting to this postcard, some paper bead dangles,  sewed it all onto a dark chocolate corduroy backing and finished the front edge with a brown varigated eyelash yarn in two layers.  I frayed the corduroy edge and sighed. I was finished.

 I loved the fact that these different elements had come together in a monochromatic colour scheme to create something I think is interesting. I usually work with lots of colour, so this was an experiment for me.

 On the second postcard, I added an edging of the suede yarn with two wood bead dangles. It also has a backing of the frayed chocolate corduroy.

I had now completed the fabric doodles.............................At least I thought I had until I read Jillayne's blog , and thought again.
I agree with her philosophy of creating with thoughtfulness and adding special details to one's creations.
To me, hand-created is heart-created, and if I am putting my heart into the art I create, I want to do so mindfully, and with attention to all the little details that show I care and make it special.
So, inspired by Jillayne's writing, I decided to add a little something extra to finish off the back of my postcards. It's just a little addition, but it's a small surprise that I hope will delight the recipient.
So, I tatted this on the reverse:                                                                                        
 A small tatted 'Josephine chain' on the diagonal, ending in 3 Josephine knots, with two special wood bead dangles. I liked it, but wondered if it was a little too dinky.

I decided the first motif was a little small for the size of the postcard, so, on the second one, I created this larger tatted 3-D flower.                                             
What do you think?

I like the size of this better. Maybe I'll go back and add more to the first postcard.

Thank you Jillayne for the inspiration!

One of the postcards is going out in the mail. I haven't decided which one yet. If you were choosing, which one would it be? Postcard #1 or #2?

I hope you find some inspiration today, and time to create.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Suztats,
    I'd chose #2 postcard. Cause it has a dinosaur on it. Both are really neat & shines with your love! The large flower does suit the area it's in better. However you do everything perfect when you make it. You put your heart into it all! But who am I? I just love seeing what you come up with next. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  2. Your postcards are great! I like the tatting on the back of the first one with the hanging beads.

  3. Dear Susan,
    your cards, are wonderfull.-so much thoughts and heart put into them, and the back sides, are equal pritty- I realy love the first one, as it looks like a plant, raising from earth-with its two roots,well planted ,to keep it where it belongs........
    Hugs, and love, Dorthe

  4. Aw, gee, Bsotf, you write the nicest things! I'm glad you spotted the dinosaur--I knew you would! Thanks also for your vote. Hugs

  5. Thanks, Annet, for your comments. I like those beads, too. Thanks for dropping by. Hugs

  6. Thank you, Dorthe, for writing such lovely things! The first one is my favourite, too, but I wanted to know what everyone thought. Thanks. Hugs

  7. super cute, I couldn't decide between 1 or 2, but are lovely

  8. Susan wonderful postcards you made, number one is my favourite, they both have great colors and texture, love what you made on the backside.

  9. Hi Bonnie, and thanks for stopping by! Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment! Hugs

  10. Thank you Anni for casting your vote, and for saying such nice things about my postcards! Hugs,

  11. My cactus is also in flower otherwise I like your realizations

  12. Hi Max. What colour is your cactus? Glad you like my doodles. Have a wonderful day. Hugs

  13. These are very cool! I think the first one catches my eye but likely because of the bit on the diagonal; I am sucker for angles. You did a beautiful job with the backs - and I think what you did on the first is just fine, perfect in fact. As I said before, I love detail on the backside of things, or the lining of a bag; a happy surprise after you think you have seen all the beauty there is to see. You don't need it with your creations to prove that you are a gifted artist; the fine workmanship is already there for people to see. It's just the icing on the cake!

  14. Thank you, Jillayne! What lovely things you write! See what you inspired? I like that thought-that it's icing on the cake. I really enjoyed making these, and may just do a few more in the near future. I so appreciate your idea to make the backs special, too. Have a great day. Hugs

  15. These are just beautiful! So is the 5X5 square I received from you in Jillayne's swap!! I just love it ~ I posted about my squares today. This was such a fun swap, I hope you liked the squares you received.

  16. Thank you Marie! I've been having so much fun creating postcards, and the 5" squares! I checked out your post....very nice. I love the squares I received! Thanks for visiting. Hugs


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