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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Package Arrived

I was so lucky to win a giveaway from  Diane, a wonderful book, "The Artist's Quest for Inspiration" by Peggy Hadden! You can check out Diane's blog as she is one very talented and creative lady.  My package arrived!
I opened up the large manilla envelope to find:
 something wrapped in pattern paper topped with a lovely tag, with ribbons and laces, and silk flowers.
 Oh, wait! There's a second tag--one I can use for a special gift. Aren't they fabulous? The blank one reads "Seek Joy", but I think Joy has already found me!

 But there was more! Two packages of pretty tags, and a set of Diane's recipe cards!

What's that underneath?
 Ooooh, look! A set of Diane's Christmas cards! I do love snowpeople, so this design is a perfect one.
 All these extra goodies were packed along with the book I won in Diane's giveaway. Talk about generous!

I know I was just beaming while I did the 'happy dance' all around the kitchen.
As an artist, I am often inspired by the everyday. Sometimes, though, inspiration is sought, but not found.                                                   I have been flipping through this book by Peggy Hadden, and I'm sure to find some inspiration in these pages on those days of need.
Thank you so much Diane for all the wonderful gifts! I am blessed.
I hope your day brings you blessings.
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Lovely gift. You will certainly enjoy all this thoughtfulness!
    Fox : )

  2. Diane certainly made a nice gift for you! Enjoy!

  3. I shall, Fox, enjoy all these goodies. I was thrilled to win the book, but the extras really were unexpected, and delightful. Thanks. Hugs

  4. Hi Tattingrid! Diane is certainly generous, isn't she? What lovely things she included in the package. Have a good day. Hugs

  5. Hi Suz! Well, let's do a happy dance together then! :-) I'm glad you liked everything!

    OK...heading to my studio to do that dance now! I think it will be good for my waistline!

    Hugs! Diane

  6. Suztats,
    I love the gifts you was blessed to recive. Plus the cover of her book has one of those faces on it. Her's is a lady in thought or prayer. So I'm thrilled that you both are doing the happy dance together! That's wonderful!!! See I told you...classy lady!

  7. Dear Susan,
    you lucky one--Diane is the most generous lady,-alwayes adding beautifull things, to create with -and to enjoy--
    Such a wonderfull win-and gifts...
    Hope your day is lovely, thanks for mail, dear--I will make an envelope with your name on, to leave Bornholm one of the coming dayes.
    Hugs, to you--Dorthe

  8. You did tell me, Bsotf. And I love the gifts, too. Hugs

  9. I am very lucky, Dorthe, and you are right that Diane is very generous. I'll watch for that envelope, thank you. Hugs

  10. What a lucky bit of luck! And what a little treasure trove of delights! I am so happy for you - enjoy!

  11. Thanks Jillayne. These treasures shall be enjoyed with the Christmas season. The gift tags on presents, the cards mailed with wishes, the laces adorning gifts. How lucky! Hugs

  12. Hi Suz
    Really happy that you have received this gift from Diane - she is a gem and you are so deserving as you are always so kind with your comments to everyone.
    All the very best to you
    Hugs Suzy

  13. Hi Suzy, and thank you for saying such nice things! Diane is a generous lady, for sure. And I have been touched by luck, especially lately. Hugs


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