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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day!
May it be filled with Love and sunshine.


  1. We have mothers day in March in Great Britain, Happy mothers day to you, maybe I should have a 2nd one. Oh and what a lovely view you have

  2. Two Mother's Day would be nice! We do enjoy the view. Hope your Mother's Day was a nice one. Hugs

  3. Hi dear Suz
    a very happy mothers day,to you,too-sweet friend.
    Hugs dorthe

  4. Have a lovely day Suz.
    Yes your view is gorgeous. How invigorating to wake up to such a beautiful scene- ever changing, glorious.
    We used to live opposite a creek, and park. The block got too steep for me to cope with with arthritic knees.

  5. Thank you Dorthe and Judy! Hope your day was a pleasant and happy one.

  6. Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day, Suz. Is that your mother? She looks charming.

  7. Thank you Janet, I did have a wonderful day! You're right--it's a picture of my Mom on her wedding day in 1947. Sadly, she passed away 8 years ago. I miss her.

  8. oops, typo.....that should read 1949.


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