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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspiration Sunday May 22/11

It's Inspiration Sunday!
 Just a glimpse at a little garden bed by the main entrance

 My challenge?
card 1:- Using liquid glue, do an automatic painting on paper with the nib. Once dry, paint over this surface
card 2:- Use only complementary colors and black 

I was using  white glue and I thought, well, that wouldn't show up on white watercolor paper. I tinted the paper with a light green wash.
looks more yellow here

 added the glue

Adding more green

 More red and some black
I like how the glue has created separate areas of color in places. Using watercolors means that the white glue shows up through the paint. I tilted the paper and spritzed with a bit of water to encourage some paint flow.

 Once dried I scanned each half of the painting.
It's not quite as bright as when wet, but I like the texture the glue adds to the piece.

I was thinking of cutting this painting up and creating some cards.
If you'd like to have a card, please leave a comment letting me know.

I should be able to make at least 12 cards, so the first 12.........Of course, if there's not that many interested, there may be multiple cards available!

The next challenge:

card 1:- coat your paper with white gouache, then, when dry, paint over with thick watercolor. After drying, lift out lights and areas using water and tissues
card 2:- select one pigment each for the mental, physical, and spiritual side of your nature. Use in a painting

Happy Victoria Day!
Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz


  1. Oh me! I'd like a card! I'm so tempted to get out the paints but there's too much other clutter right now so I guess not. So...what if you had clear glue? Or wood glue which is a cream color? heheheheh....too many ideas and don't they always come when you're knee deep in something else?

  2. I would love a card Suz-it would be nice to see this close up.

  3. I would love to try this too. An example from you would be great, so I love to get a card from you. The swirly patterns of the glue are so elegant.

  4. Thank you for your inspirational ideas Suz. I have not tried this, so you have inspired me to have a go one day. It would be lovely to have one of your cards to have as a reminder. I love the way the piece changed when it was spritzed with water.

  5. I too would love a card, this looks like fun.

  6. Love how this turned out! It made me remember an email you had sent me about working along with your challenges... I think I'll give that a go this week but modified to use what I have on hand. You are coming up with some wonderful work going with your challenges!

  7. Thank you for showing us this susie, I think this would be fun to play with. The picture you achieved is wonderful.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments! I've contacted you for your addys.
    Annet would you please email your snail addy to me? Thanks.
    I have 5 more cards left, if anyone's interested. Have a great day!

  9. this is great! reminds me of a delicious rosy apple!!

  10. Hi Suz, it looks so beautiful, and very special with the glue drying up ,that thick- I love it, and the colors are so beautiful.

  11. Hi Dorthe. It turned out very interesting. Following the card's directions, I've tried a lot of new techniques, and had some great results. Hugs

  12. I just found your blog and that is really very interesting. I think I will try this out.

  13. Sheila, I think that would be a great idea! I had so much fun doing this challenge, and the results were quite pleasing. Hugs


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