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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Tats May 24/11

Hope you had a nice weekend.
 I'd recently received my copy of Mary Konior's "Tatting with Visual Patterns" and I fell in love with 'Black Magic'
So, I began with Yarnplayer's 'tourmaline' thread. I began several times.
I was more than half- finished when I spotted what I thought was an error, and, ahem, corrected it.
It was only when I was near the end that I discovered my 'correction' was the error. So, not having enough thread left to cut and correct, I made do and created a variation of the pattern.    cough.                          

            I think it might make a nice pendant, if it wasn't a little wonky.
I do like the way the glass beads pick up the pink/burgundy color.

This tat may find itself sewn onto a future CQ.

I guess I really shouldn't tat a new-to-me pattern while watching TV!

Hope you're having a good tatting day!

Thanks for visiting.
Hugs from Suz                  


  1. I love tatting in front of the television or while visiting with friends, but I find I wind up with lots of untatting to do unless the pattern was familiar or had simple repeats. I feel your pain! That said, you did a great job of working with your 'design change.' Congratulations on your creativity.

  2. Thanks Tatknot! I had tried part of the design out in white before using the colored thread. I guess I should have practiced all of it first. Lesson learned. Hugs

  3. I can't see the error, anyway. I like to be able to craft whilst watching TV - stops me from falling asleep!

  4. It's very pretty, Suz. It looks like the decoration around buttons on old gardigans.

  5. Looks pretty good to me Suz..this would indeed look really good on CQ'ing!

  6. This looks great to me, tatting is always classy on crazy quilting. I love those colours Sue

  7. It's there, Janet, but hidden behind the beads! Sneaky, I am!
    Annet, you're right! I hadn't noticed before, but turned sideways they do look like fancy closures on some vintage jackets.
    Thanks, Judy! I like to save my errors and experiments to use on CQ's to add a bit of color or texture.
    The thread is Yarnplayers 'tourmaline', and I've run out. Waaaa!
    Thanks, all. Hugs

  8. I love the beads incorporated into it Suz, and the thread you have used is very pretty too.

  9. Oh this is so beautiful Suz, one day I will learn to make something like that. Have a nice day dear.
    Hugs Anni

  10. Thanks Dianne! The beads are a little large for the piece, but they hide my errors. The thread is Yarnplayer's 'tourmaline' and I love the colors, too. I sure hope she has more in stock. Have a nice day.

    Thank you Anni! I do like it, mistakes and all. I hope your day has lots of sunshine in it.


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